#letsbefrank, you can’t expect hair magic to happen overnight. No, babe. Good, healthy hair takes patience and knowledge. You can use the best products in the world and still not see results, if you’re not taking care of your hair. That’s where I step in.

Yes, I make effective hair products. But just as importantly, I’ve got the tips that go with them. Here are the top mistakes you’re (maybe) making for your hair. The sooner you know, the faster you’ll see results. 

#1 You’re washing too much.

Shampooing too often can strip the good oils from your scalp, leaving you dry, irritated, and yelling “WTF” at your showerhead. It can also cause your scalp to go into overdrive, overcompensating and producing even more oil. Which means more hair washing. Ah, the cycle of life (and tired hair). 

Do this: Get a good dry shampoo and wash your hair 2-3 times a week. 

#2 You’re washing too early.

Hold your horses, babe. Rinse your hair before you get in there with your shampoo. It’ll remove pollution & dirt that’s built up over the days. It’ll also help your shampoo penetrate more deeply. 

Do this: Wait 30 seconds before shampooing, then give yourself a good scalp massage. Bonus points for using a scalp scrub.

#3 You’re ignoring your scalp. 

You want healthy hair, but have you considered the place it grows? After all, a healthy scalp will result in healthier hair. Plus silkier, shinier, softer hair; I aim to please. 

Do this: Treat the skin on your head like you do the skin everywhere else on your body. In other words, scrub it. My Scalp Scrub removes product build-up, detoxifies your scalp, and wakes up your hair.

#4 You’re not deep conditioning enough (or skipping it entirely).

Not using a deep conditioner can make your hair dry, brittle, and more prone to breakage. Deep conditioning helps strengthen, repair, & protect hair; in case of break-ups (or make-ups). 


Do this: Use my Hair Mask after shampooing for a deep-conditioning treatment. It hydrates and helps protect strands. I call it your hair’s bodyguard. 



#5 You’re brushing wet hair with the wrong brush.  

Bristles can cause breakage, especially if you’re brushing hair when it’s wet. Wet hair is like your best friend who just had her heart broken; it needs your TLC.


Do this: Use a plastic comb or (detangler ideally) to brush & detangle your hair. Start at the bottom and work your way up to avoid knots that make you want to rip your hair out.


#6 You’re using products with sulfates.

Ahhh, sulfates. What are they? They’re chemicals that clean your hair. And while not all chemicals are bad, #letsbefrank, these ones strip natural oils away in the process. 


Do this: You can find gentler, natural ingredients that still give you the same clean results. In fact, I’ve done the digging for you and have put them in my Hair Duo. You’re welcome.



#7 You’re getting too hot and heavy.

I like it hot, but even I have my limits, babe. Hot water can cause hair to produce more oil, damage your hair roots, & weaken overall hair strength. Hot air on the other hand can literally burn your hair. Yeouch.

Do this: Wash your hair with warm water. Blast the cold for 10 seconds if you’re feeling brave at the end. Use a cooler setting on your hairdryer. And if you slip up once or twice, I’ll be there to catch you.


#8 You’re rubbing it the wrong way.

You know the drill: exit shower, grab a towel, flip hair and tighten it into a pretty little twist on top of your head. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this can damage your hair. Rubbing it with a towel also can lead to frizz, dullness, and breakage. 


Do this: Instead of rubbing and scrunching, gently pat your hair dry. Or wrap it in a cotton T-shirt instead. And don’t tie it up: life’s tough enough, you don’t need extra tension in your hair strands.

#9 You’re not appreciating what you have.

I know I said 8 mistakes, but here’s one for good luck. Curly, coily, fine, flat. Whatever you’ve got, it’s beautiful. 


Do this: Show your hair love and it’ll show you love back.