I’m taking you first class on an economy budget.

First, there’s my limited edition travel kit The Grind High Club: four mini coffee scrubs in Original, Coconut, Cacao and Peppermint that’ll make you feel like a rock star once you land. But before you get there, remember that jet-setter style is a way of life and it begins en route. Here’s how.

Dress the part.

Babe, I’m all about comfort. But keep the onesie at home (for those nights with me). Let’s up the airport ante. Slip into some loose boyfriend jeans and an oversized sweater with some comfortable flats. Here’s some inspiration for to get you into the traveling spirit. You’ll thank me later, when you land a seat next to that cute Norwegian.

Arrange a driver.

Driver… that’s a very loose word. That could be your mum, your friend or even a taxi. But get someone else to take care of the heavy lifting. It means more pre-holiday selfies when you need to be hands-free.

Lounge in the lounge.

Now you’re looking très chic, make your way to the lounge. Flights are taxing on your bod babe, so give it the pre-departure love it needs. Lots of water, fruit and some veggies. Rub shoulders with the first class. You may even get an upgrade…

Tame the mane.

I love a bit of volume babe, but more knots mean less one-on-one time with me and more with that other man, “Conditioner”. There’s not enough room for the two of us. So let’s slick that hair back into a loose pony tail. Comfy and cute.

Dip the shades.

That’s sunnies, babe. Big round frames with dark lenses will keep you looking chic no matter how many whiskeys you’ve had on the plane. Good for getting some extra shut eye (and perving) too.

Got a few ideas of your own? I bet you do. Send them through on social.

xx frank