#letsbefrank, mud is not a new age skincare solution. Neither is hand sanitiser.

#letsbefrank, mud is not a new age skincare solution. Neither is hand sanitiser.

Now I’m all for getting dirty. But festivals – they’re a different kind of dirty. A concoction of antibacterial hand wash, baby wipes and glitter. Your idea of heaven. Your skin’s idea of hell. So I’m going to latch onto your bod like that over-18-festival-compulsory-wristband and hold on.

Here are some skincare tips you’ll need to know so your skin doesn’t join you on that post-festival-comedown.

Rule #1: Protection.

My Aussie babes mostly have this covered. My UK babes not so much. While I love it when you show a bit of skin, the sun likes to remind you about it. Sunscreen is essential even if it’s raining or overcast. And don’t forget the tops of your feet.

Rule #2: Grime removal.

#letsbefrank at the end of the day all you want to do is crawl into your tent and fall asleep. But leaving all those layers of sunscreen, dirt, glitter and sweat on your skin is a recipe for disaster. I’d love you to take my Charcoal Face Cleanser but if logistics don’t agree at least take some facial wipes. It only takes 10 seconds wipe your face (and doesn’t require any coordination). Trust me, you’ll thank me in the morning.

Rule #3: Keep those germy paws down.

Want to know how a post-apocalyptic world will look? Just look at the toilets. Humans can be a pretty filthy bunch and you don’t want the germs of several thousands of people ending up on those sweet cheeks of yours. So give yourself a good supply of hand sanitiser. Just what you need when water and soap are nowhere to be found.

Rule #4: Take me. Particularly my Lip Balm.

Glitter? I’ll make sure it stays on. Wild brows? I’ll tame those beasts. Pash on the dancefloor? I’ll make it smooth. My Lip Balm is the festival all-rounder that will give your glitter extra stick and make you shine in all the right places.

Rule #5: If anything, keep your lips in fine form.

Festivals are where babes are at. That’s why I always try to sneak my way in. So don’t rule out a kiss… or two or three. Pucker up confidently with my Original Lip Duo to scrub and plump your lips to pash-worthy status. I’ve also pulled together some pointers so you can pash like a pro.

Rule #6: Balance out the bad.

By putting good things in your body. Alcohol dehydrates your body and your skin leaving it dull and lifeless. Drink plenty of water and take healthy snacks to fuel you throughout the day. Before you go to bed skol two cups of water to help you strike the right balance.

And remember babe, no matter how dirty you get, I’ll be there waiting for you when you come home. My Peppermint Coffee Scrub will give your bod some heavy-duty scrubbing and nourish those gumboot-ridden feet. But it won’t remove those photos you accidentally posted on Instagram…

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xx frank