I’m like a dirty little leprechaun.”

I’m like a dirty little leprechaun.”

#letsbefrank, we all like to believe in something: that dark chocolate is good for us, your crush is dead (so that’s why he hasn’t text), and that unicorns really do exist.

Friday the 13th is no exception; it’s the day when we all believe something bad will happen. So I’m here to turn your luck around, in 13 different ways.

#1: Say ‘yes’ more.

It’s no fun if a babe just sits on the edge of the bath tub. To fully appreciate life, you need to dive in. Try saying yes to everything for one month and see what comes your way, babe.

#2: Think lucky. Get lucky.

You’re craving a donut, then you go to the donut shop and there’s one left just for you. That’s lucky. Optimism plays a key role in being lucky, so the more positive you are, the more positive things that will come to you. Sprinkles and all…

#3 Drink espresso martinis with your best babe.

Not scientifically proven, but nothing says getting lucky more than you and your best babe dosed up on caffeine. #letsbefrank

#4: Learn from your mistakes.

Failing can sometimes feel like falling off a bicycle – naked. It hurts and there’s a graze in a strange place. To create your own luck, you need to remind yourself that there’s always a chance to grow. So dust yourself off, put on some clothes (if you must) and keep going.

#5: Pat a sausage dog. Or any dog.

May not bring luck, but any worries you had will no longer exist.

#6: Booty drop in unexpected places.

It firms your butt and and improves hip flexibility. Combined it will boost your life expectancy and there’s nothing luckier than that.

#7: Sing in the car with the windows down.

You’re making everyone else’s day much, much better. One stranger may even offer you a contract. You just never know.

#8: Spill the beans, the coffee beans.

Spilling coffee in a saucer means that money is coming your way. It can also prevent you getting all that caffeinated goodness on your white linen dress.

#9. Hug your babe.

Spooning turns into forking. #letsbefrank

#10: Compliment a stranger.

When you make someone smile, that smile turns into big gold stars that sort of hover over you. You can cash them in when you need it most. Kind of like Mario Kart.

#11: Wear pink.

I don’t trust people who don’t like pink. Wearing pink will ensure that those people stay away from you. Very lucky.

#12: Write about all the good things.

You had a coffee with your best babe, you scrubbed with me, you slept for more than 5 hours: these are all happy goings-on in your life, so keep a note of it. Recording the happy pieces of your life shows what you’ve accomplished and will leave you eager to want more. Try jotting 3 things down each night that made you smile that day. It will show you that even the crappy days scrub up well.

#13: Scrub with me.

It’s pretty much like getting lucky – any time you want.

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x frank

I’m like a dirty little leprechaun.”