Pregnancy ends with a lot of things. A baby. A newfound appreciation for your body (it’s amazing). And for lots of babes, stretch marks after birth. 


What to do with them? Whatever you want. Take photos of them. Ignore them. Befriend them. But if you want a little less of them, that’s okay too. 


“What causes stretch marks during and after pregnancy?”

Stretch marks happen when skin stretches as far as it can, and then a little more. When it stretches this extra amount, it tears through collagen. Collagen is what gives your skin shape and makes it look bouncy, full, and smooth. It’s like elastic. And if it gets stretched too far, it’ll start to pull apart, resulting in stretch marks.


A babe’s stomach is the most common place for stretch marks. But they can pop up on your hips, butt, thighs, and breasts; all my favourite body parts. 


“What affects the amount of stretch marks I’ll get?”

Things like the size of your baby and DNA can impact your stretch marks. Some babe’s DNA means they heal faster, others scar more easily.


“Can I do anything for my postpartum stretch marks?”


You can give love to them. How?


Satisfy your caffeine cravings. I’m not talking about the ones you get at 8am from a Nespresso pod. The ones my Original Coffee Scrub can help with. Caffeine does more for your bod than wake it up: it helps keep it feeling firm & elastic. Coffee grinds also remove dead skin cells to reveal brighter, younger cells hiding beneath. And don’t stop once you’ve given birth. Like your baby depends on you for support, your skin needs support too. 


Keep your skin hydrated and healthy. It’s the best way to keep it full, smooth, and bouncy. My Original Coffee Scrub doesn’t simply exfoliate for smoother skin: it’s packed with hydrating Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil to keep you hydrated between scrubs. Follow up your scrub with my Body Cream; rich in Coffee Seed Extract & Green Tea, it firms, tones, and leaves you smooth as butter. 

If you’re feeling fancy, throw some Chamomile into the mix. Natural and anti-inflammatory, it helps soothe your skin. My Sleep Scrub & Soak is packed with Chamomile for a relaxing soak (and 5 minutes alone-time).

“Do pregnancy stretch marks go away?”


Stretch marks start darker: red or purple. This is when they’re newly inflamed and starting to heal. Eventually, they’ll lighten to scars and go silver. Hydrate your darker marks (and before you start to get them for stretchier skin) and exfoliate your lighter ones to speed up the healing process.


#letsbefrank, stretch marks are normal. With them come the bundle joy that is your baby. Try to accept them and love them. I know I do.