The only oompa loompas you’re going to see are in Willy Wonka.

The only oompa loompas you’re going to see are in Willy Wonka.

When it comes to faking it, tan is the only thing I will allow.

And I know you, babe. You like to tan.

But if you’re going to smell weird for some time, let’s at least make it look good.

Step 1: Take it off.

Your clothes, dead skin, all of it. A good tan needs a smooth base. You wouldn’t put icing on a cake that’s burnt on the outside and uncooked in the middle. (Or maybe you would, that’s cool). The point is, exfoliate. My coffee body scrubs take off what needs to go, but leaves you feeling hydrated. So you won’t feel like you’re walking around in cling wrap.

Step 2: Get into those nooks and crannies.

Elbows, wrists, knees, ankles. That’s where the dead skin likes to hang out. And is where your tan will latch onto if you’re not careful. Scrub those places well, babe. That dead skin party? It’s over.

Step 3: Keep your hands out of it.

Read: mitts. Get a tanning glove of some description. This will save you from wearing gloves – in the middle of summer..

Step 4: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Now you’ve snapped a few great profile pictures for Tinder, this is no time for false advertising. Moisturise your bod with something deeply hydrating, so your skin won’t be inclined to flake off and make your tan go all patchy. 

Step 5: Top up.

Repeat step 1, about 4-5 days in for a little top-up. That will also mean you can live up to your Tinder profile, too. #winning.

x frank