Because mermaids want great hair, too.

Because mermaids want great hair, too.

I consider myself one with all babes of the world. That includes mermaids.

Let me introduce you to Georgie the mermaid.

She’s just eaten a mouthful of your exfoliator and has had enough. So she wanted to pass on a message to you.

*cough, *cough.

Hi, babes. I’m Georgie.

I know a lot about you. I know you like glittery eyeshadow, you like to wash your hair three times a week and you have a think for George Michael. I can hear his soundtrack all the way from your drain. Here are some things that I can’t stand in my home and in my hair. I figure if you know this, you can keep them far, far away from me.


What are they? Little balls of plastic. AKA: crap.
Where do you find them? In exfoliators or anything to remove dead skin.
What do they do? Get stuck in my throat and get swallowed up by my friends.
What can you swap it for? Exfoliators made from natural ingredients that breakdown in the environment, like frank’s Creamy Face Scrub and coffee body scrubs.


What are they? Smelly things.
Where do you find them? In shampoos, perfumes, body wash. The list goes on.
What do they do? Not only do they pollute the water, the scents sometimes come from animals and are tested on animals. Not cool.
What can you swap it for? Essential oils or cruelty-free brands, like these.


What is it? A chemical that blocks UV rays from the sun.
Where do you find it? In sunscreen.
What does it do? Causes coral bleaching and even changes the DNA of the coral. No mermaid wants dull accessories.
What can you swap it for? Sunscreen with zinc oxide. There’s still a lot of research around it, but some babes say it’s better for the environment and better for your bod, too.


What is it? Shiny things that attract babes.
Where do you find it? Wrapping up your favourite beauty products
What does it do? They’re often made from plastic and once found in the environment, never really break-down.
What can you swap it for? Either recycle it, get rid of it correctly so it doesn’t end up in my home, or go for biodegradable packaging from brands like evo.

There you have it wannabe-mermaids.

Keep it out the bathroom and you’ll keep it off the beach.

In love and sea shells,


You heard the girl. That’s why I want my babes to go as natural as you can. Join my 31 Day Go Natural Challenge and get 20% off my Original Introduction and Sweet Cheeks kits. Just use the code GONATURAL.

The mermaids will thank you.

x frank.

Because mermaids want great hair, too.