How to get bikini-body-ready: Put on a bikini. You're ready.

How to get bikini-body-ready: Put on a bikini. You're ready.

I love all babes. All shapes and sizes, you know that. What Rachel Tee Tyler lacks in height, she gains in class, skill and attitude.

She means business; whether it’s in the salon, dancing around in my latest campaign or applying her signature winged eyeliner. I asked a few more questions, #justthekindofguyiam.


Rachel Tyler – @rachelteetyler



Coffee order?

Large long black, two sugars.

Favourite vegetable?


Best item of clothing you’ve ever bought?

My first leather jacket. 8 years later it’s still my favourite (and most durable) piece in my wardrobe.

What’s the first thing you think of when you wake up?

All the emails I have to answer…

Then, what’s the first thing you do?

Make an enormous cup of coffee and check my social media instead.

Clever girl. After showering with me, right? Growing up, what did you dream of being?

A teacher. And then I grew up and realised how much patience that would take and how much patience I lack haha.

Who inspired you the most when you were a kid?

My mum. She is the strongest, most loving and compassionate woman I know. She comes off gentle, shy and softly spoken but she is a BOSS. Growing up she was the breadwinner for our family, such a hard worker, and so driven. And she did it all for us. I never knew that we struggled because she kept it so together. Looking back I am so grateful for having such an amazing female role model.

Where can you see yourself (or where do you think you’ll be) in 10-years time?

Currently I am working on building my personal brand, so hopefully by then I have turned this into a full-time business. Whether that be styling, a clothing label, beauty, who knows – I might just try to do it all!

Who taught you to be a hairdresser?

Unofficially? Myself! I was always coming in to school with different hair styles every week, and cutting my friends’ fringes and layering hair during lunch breaks. So it only seemed natural to go into an apprenticeship after high school.

Best (but wackiest) hairstyle you can create?

The salon I first worked for had some very avant garde hair styling, so I learnt the art of hair sculpture turning hair into random objects like tree branches… Wacky indeed.

What do you love most about fashion?

I feel like fashion is an expression of oneself. I love that people can style themselves so differently from one another. And what one person wears might not be another’s cup of tea, but it doesn’t matter because that’s who they are and what they’re about – and that’s AWESOME.

It’s a Sunday morning – what are you wearing?

My boyfriend’s cozy track pants and an oversized tee.

Are you a bath or shower babe?

A long hot bath followed by a cool shower. I just love to have it all haha.

If you were a scrub, which flavour would you be?


What is your #bodylove quote?

How to get bikini-body-ready – Put on a bikini. You’re ready.

Who should frank put on his to-scrub/dirty talk list?

Ryan Gosling. Now that would be dirty.

Ryan might be a hard get, but for you; I’ll try my very hardest. In the meantime, let’s just get down and dirty the two of us. Okay, your boyfriend can join. #couplesthatscrubtogetherstaytogether.

How to get bikini-body-ready: Put on a bikini. You're ready.