Let's mingle and tingle, babe.

I make you soft, I make you smooth. Now I want to make you tingle.

Let me introduce to you, me: the peppermint edition. Great for active babes who want to feel fresh after a gym sesh.

I must admit, I’m always impressed by my babes. Heels all day. Trainers after that, kicking butt at the gym. I don’t know how you do it. So I want to reward you, targeting your tired muscles and weary pins.

I know how you feel after a killer workout, jog or dance routine: sweaty, sore, tight, tender and dry.

You feel sweaty. It’s important to cleanse your skin thoroughly after you workout. Sweat is your bodies’ way of ridding itself of toxins, so you want to be sure you don’t reabsorb them. The roast and ground coffee beans combined with the salt and sugar content will help unclog those sweaty pores for smoother skin.

And after all of that, you feel a bit dry. Blisters on your hands. Rubbing from your trainers. To combat dry, flaky patches, we added in olive oil to compliment the sweet almond oil. It will replenish the moisture you lost mid work out and help maintain the skin’s hydration levels throughout the day.

And just for a little extra love, native mint extract awakens your mind and body, helping to increase concentration and mental agility.

But babes, take note: As you already know, I am a bit of a tough lover. The subtle menthol content should be avoided by you more sensitive skinned’ babes or junior frankfurts.

Luckily you have my other varieties to choose from. #justthekindofguyiam

Lastly, just remember me when your boyfriend try’s to eat you because you smell like a choc-mint biscuit. #yourewelcome

xx frank