Let’s scrub. Like we’ve never scrubbed before.

As they say, what happens on tours – stays on tour. Scrubbing is no exception. With my limited edition travel kit, The Grind High Club, touring has never been so dirty. Four mini coffee scrubs in Original, Coconut, Cacao, and Peppermint ready to get this show on the road.

#letsbefrank, you’re a rock star.

Let your high roller demands reign. Fluffy robe? Naturally. Gigantic bathroom with a jet spa? Sure. Personalised slippers? Puh-lease. How else do they expect you to get around the penthouse suite? Put all of this to the side for now and hit play on the ultimate scrub playlist.

From ‘Babes born in the 90s’ to ‘Babes just wanna have fun’, my Spotify playlist is ready for any mood. Choose a list and match it to one of the four scents in The Grind High Club. Four mini coffee scrubs ready to explore your many sides…

#letsbefrank, who needs doors?

Leave it open, babe. Tear my top off and let me work my way around you. For the next five minutes, let’s pump up that playlist and let your naturalist side come out to play. Frolic around the room and take in the view. Windows open, balcony explored. You’re on holidays, babe.

#letsbefrank, room service is there for a reason.

Now let’s rinse. #letsbefrank, sometimes I get a tad excited and go everywhere. My little granules get stuck in nooks and crannies. Fortunately for us, someone else can clean up the mess. But if you need an excuse, here are some I prepared earlier:

  • “Oh it was my boyfriend, frank.”
  • “I wanted to brew an Australian coffee and there wasn’t a kettle.”
  • “Oh you’ve never heard of a coffee scrub before? Let me introduce you.”

Let me rub you down and leave you feeling smooth. If you’re going somewhere tropical, you can’t go past my Body Balm, with beeswax and coconut oil to keep skin supple and give it a long-lasting protective coating. Somewhere cold? Go for my Body Cream with shea and cacao butters to smooth, hydrate and balance skin.

With so many babes around the world getting dirty in foreign tubs, I could learn a thing or two. Hit me up on social with your best beauty travel tips.

xx frank