Remember this: a spin cycle is good for drying clothes... it's not a tongue technique.

Before you try to re-enact that scene from The Notebook (or this pash pictured above between Kate Moss & Johnny Depp), hold up. Kissing requires years of experience. And according to some experienced babes, there are some rules you need to follow:

Freshen up, babe.

Coffee is good. Coffee scrub even better. Coffee breath? Not so good. Brush that odour away and carry mints with you everywhere. On a day like today, there’s no better excuse for good dental hygiene.

Prep those lips.

#letsbefrank dry, flaky lips are a no, no. That’s why I created my Lip Duo to scrub and plump your lips to pash-worthy status. With no petroleum, parabens or nasties this duo will leave your lips lickable, likeable and kissable.

You have lips, use them.

Lips should come first then that tongue of yours. Lips are the first connector and will stop those chompers clashing. Because #letsbefrank, no-one wants a trip to the dentist.

Sit back and relax.

Don’t try to control it, let it control you. Take your time and pay attention to your partner. Whether it’s the first kiss or a long-term pashing partner, start off slowly and don’t apply too much pressure first up.

Don’t get stuck on spin cycle.

Remember this: a spin cycle is only for drying clothes. #letsbefrank tongues can get a mind of their own. Reel it in babe, no one wants that thing going around in a continuous clockwise motion. That only leads to extensive salivation… and boredom.

Touch, don’t grab.

Now this all comes down to the babe in question. You see, I like to get all handsy with you in the shower. But I’ve had to put in the groundwork to earn your love. You can’t just go straight in for the grab. Keep all that groping and booty-grabbing to a more appropriate moment. My babes tell me hands on the back of the neck, lower back or softly on the face is a nice way to behave.

Kissing isn’t just about spreading the love. It’s also good for your health: it burns calories, it’s good for your teeth, and it can boost your immunity.

So go forth babes and let your lips (and your heart) lead you through the day. And don’t forget to plant a cyber kiss on me through social.

xx (with a little tongue and a whole lot of lip) frank.