I’ll be your winter spoon whenever you need it.

I’ve seen it all before, babe:

The golf-sized hailstorm sets in for the night and you’re stuck inside. Your Instagram feed is overrun with Euro babes frolicking in Santorini and you’re watching re-runs of The Bachelor. You’re fantasising about to-the-floor tropical maxi dresses, but you can’t get past the to-the-floor-fluffy-terry-towelling robe.

But before you commit to three months (or more) of winter hibernation Bear Grylls’ style, let me turn that frown upside down. There are some good things about a cool change.

Winter = comfort food.

#letsbefrank carb loading is a necessity for survival. You’ll naturally crave warm and satisfying foods so that means more pastas, potatoes, hearty soups and crusty breads (or gluten-free pasta for you gluten-free babes). Here are some of my favourites. It’s also the perfect opportunity to dig into some dark chocolate. It’s packed with antioxidants which have been found to fight cardiovascular disease. Cacao can also boost your mood, just like my Cacao Coffee Scrub. The organic cacao extract fights off the effects of pollution such as fine lines and dryness. That’ll make any babe feel great.

Winter = marshmallows (in all colours).

Sipping on green smoothies is still advisable during winter to boost a babe’s immunity, but #letsbefrank babes want hot drinks. And that means one thing – marshmallows. Pop a handful into a hot chocolate (with almond milk for my lactose-free babes) for soft and gooey goodness. Just how you make me feel, babe. And while we’re on the topic of marshmallows I have something for your bod too. I’ve managed to bottle some marshmallows (marshmallow root that is) into my Creamy Face Cleanser to make your skin all soft and spongy.

Winter = new clothes.

#letsbefrank, any excuse will do. Babes find some pretty good reasons to go shopping. But winter is one reason I believe in. It’s cold and a babe needs clothes. If I had arms I would wrap you up in cosy, winter layers every morning. But I don’t, so I’ve crawled the internet and stopped a few people who hang around at fashion week to get their take on winter dressing. And #letsbefrank, it comes down to one simple equation:

Pink (always) + And fluffy. (The fluffier, the better. And in faux fur, of course)

You can see some of my favourites, here.

Winter = activities (steamy ones).

It’s a chance to read that book, start that puzzle and take a little bit more “babe time”. And that includes those secret films that babes love (The Notebook anyone?). Let’s not forget snow sports and warm nights by a fire with a glass of red. But if you want an activity that’s a little steamy… you can always have a scrub session with me. I’ll warm you up from the outside-in.

xx frank