Meet Sadie Kurzban, the founder of dance cardio studio 305 Fitness. 


She showed me a few moves (and a little skin, #letsbefrank). We got talking about 305 Fitness, dancing, and what to do when the music stops.


First things first, what’s your coffee order?

Oat latte! 


You’re the founder of iconic cardio studio, 305 Fitness. Tell me how it all began?
I grew up in Miami, the 305 area code. It was a place where I felt tremendous pressure to change my body, control my body, and sexualize my body. By age 10, I was documenting my calories and engaging in all kinds of disordered eating, including using exercise as a way to purge. I went on a journey of healing, where I came to fully appreciate just how lovable and beautiful we all are. I wanted to create a movement that got people to feel good, to move because it brings our bodies a sense of strength and confidence, and to help people connect with others, smile, and cheer one another on. 


Well, you definitely make me smile. Which class gets you feeling your best?

Any class at 305 truly is so fun. It’s one of the reasons I am so proud of the format — because there is a live DJ in every class, it feels like no two classes are ever the same. 


No two classes are the same, just like no two dance moves are. Have you got a 

signature move?

What is not my favorite dance move? I love it all!


At 305, you dance like no one’s watching. How can my followers do the same?

We say ‘Dance Like No One’s Watching’ at 305 and it’s a great metaphor for life. When we become aware that we are all suffering in a system that profits off of our insecurities, we start to open up to the truth. The truth is that life is short, we are all we have, and the rules are 100% made up. I choose to embrace who I am, unapologetically. Some people won’t like it, but that’s because they’ve been raised to believe there is only one *right* way to be loved. 


What do you do when you’re simply not in the mood to move? 

Sometimes, I just don’t! I take it as a sign that I need to nap instead. Other times, I might talk myself into it by working out for just a little bit, 15 minutes. Within a few minutes, I’m usually so into it that I want to keep going! 


What music gets you going?

All of it!! Love house music. 


I know what you get up to on the D-floor. But what about afterwards in the bathroom? 

Face wash and moisturizer with SPF if I’m starting my day. I spend some time giving myself a little face massage every day using my hands and a gua sha stone. Great for lymphatic drainage and just find it brings a glow to my skin. 


Where can my followers see you pop it and drop it? 

@SadieKurzban / @305fitness 


Finish the sentence: when life gets dirty…

Believe in yourself…you can handle any challenge that comes your way!