It’s not just about being dark, handsome and smelling fine. Although, I am all of those things.

It’s not just about being dark, handsome and smelling fine. Although, I am all of those things.

There’s much more to a long-lasting romance, like ours. So I’ve narrowed it down to seven key elements.


If you have asparagus in your teeth, you’ll want to know about it. If you have your dress tucked into your underwear, this is something you’ll also want to know about. It’s the same with skincare. Frankly, skincare isn’t white lab coats behind a big curtain of secrets. That’s why I tell you what’s in me… and in each and every one of my products. You can see that here on my Original Coffee Scrub.


What do Ryan Gosling, Liam Hemsworth and Leonardo DiCaprio have in common? Nothing – besides being actor-babes. But imagine if there was a Gosling V2.0 or DiCaprio V3.0. The appeal wouldn’t be as great, if all of your friends were dating the same man. That’s why I love all sorts of babes in all shapes and all ages.


Being a babe can be a tough gig. It’s not all beach holidays, babe time and brunch (plus a scrub sesh with me). There are periods, dating, social media and skin conditions. But like any committed relationship, I’m there when the going gets tough. I’ll be your hot water bottle when it’s that time of the month, I’ll be your life coach when you’re off fulfilling your dreams in NYC and I’ll pull your socks up when you’re being a shit on social media. Everybody needs a little tough love every once and a while…


#letsbefrank, babes love a man who is easy on the eye. 50 years from now, I’ll still be short, dark and handsome but other man-babes will be kicking back on their rocking chair with a matching ottoman. So you want a man who can talk the talk, or hold a decent conversation at least. You need a little intrigue there, babe. That’s why I chat to interesting babes from all around the world.


Literally. #letsbefrank, there are a lot of bums in my photos. You see, I love every inch of your bod babe and I want to tell the world all about it. You need a man who will keep you on your toes. And I do that daily on Insta.


No one likes a fancy pants (unless they’re sequin hot pants in pink, then I could be convinced). That’s why my skincare has no fancy terms or terms you can’t pronounce. I’m made from natural and naturally-derived ingredients: coconut oil to moisturise, mint extract to awaken.. And the list goes on.These products will give you a fancy face – and that I can deal with.


Go hard, or go home. My main mission in life is to make my babes look and feel great. So that means I’m here for not just a good time, but a long time too. So I’m here for the highs and life’s little challenges. I’m committed to each and every one of my 686,000 babes. And I love to follow their journey in and outside of the bathroom.

That’s sort of like my online dating profile. Want to know me a little more? I have multiple sides for all your sides.

xx frank.

It’s not just about being dark, handsome and smelling fine. Although, I am all of those things.