Our recipes are super simple to follow and don't require 100 different unheard of ingredients.

Our recipes are super simple to follow and don't require 100 different unheard of ingredients.

Two babes that like to keep their food clean, but know that to get glowing skin they’ve got to get dirty. And who with? Well me, of course. They bring the cake, I bring the caffeine. It’s a match made in heaven. Meet Steph & Laura.

What’s the first thing you think of when you wake up?

Then, what’s the first thing you do?

Steph: ‘what shall I have for breakfast’ .. Then I roll over, kiss Josh and grab my phone and check emails.

Laura: I always wake up thinking something along the lines of: “How on earth is it already morning!?”….and then snooze for an extra 5 before rolling out of bed. The first thing I do when I get up is make an espresso to have before my workout.

Coffee Order?

Steph: Soy Latte.

Laura: Long black.

Breakfast Order?

Steph: Smashed AV with poached eggs or a brekkie salad with eggs.

Laura: Brekkie salad with poached eggs.

Cheat food?

Steph: Pizza or cheese and crackers… Or chocolate.. Every kind of chocolate haha.

Laura: I am a sucker for hot chips with extra chicken salt! I cannot resist!

Before you started modelling you thought you’d be a…

Steph: Primary school teacher.

Laura: A lawyer or dietitian.

And now that you’re modelling, you also want to…

Steph: own a cafe, or be a tv personality

Laura: I would love to have my own healthy cooking show with Steph and start my own health brand.

Modelling, you both have to consider what you eat. How important is what you eat on your energy levels and your skin?

Both: We both definitely know how important it is to eat clean to ensure proper fuel for energy, particularly when shooting or working out. Both of us get quite sluggish and sleepy if we eat heavy or unhealthy, and yeah skin is a big one, we only ever break out when we’ve eaten poorly.

The day before a big shoot, you’ll make sure you…

Both: We generally work out a little harder the day before a shoot, and drink a lot of water and eat a lot of veggies so that our skin is glowing and our bodies are feeling good. We always try to steer away from processed food and refined sugar the day before as well.

You’re on set all day – what are you snacking on?

Both: Fruit and nuts usually, or if we’re prepared, chopped carrots and cucumber.

Together you have created Keep it Cleaner. What does this mean to you?

Both: This is extremely exciting for us because we now have another platform to influence people in a positive way towards living a healthy lifestyle. It’s incredible to see it all up and running, and to see how well the Keep it clean e-book went last year makes us very proud and excited for what’s to come.

Where does the inspiration for all the recipes come from?

Both: Basically we like to recreate meals that everybody loves (eg chocolate cake, pizza, cookies etc) but substitute certain ingredients for more nutritious and unprocessed ingredients. Our recipes are super simple to follow and don’t require 100 different unheard of ingredients. We like to show that eating healthy doesn’t mean depriving yourself of the foods you love.

And that one recipe you continuously go back to?

Steph: The Keep it Clean Boss Banana Bread, it’s so so so simple and so healthy and incredibly addictive.

Laura: Our Keep it Cleaner Matilda Mud Cake- it will be available on our website next month. It is SO indulgent and rich but so good for you. It is my favorite recipe ever.

Keep it cleaner is the perfect healthy recipe source for…

Both: Everybody! Honestly we love these recipes, our families love them, and our boyfriends approve, too! They’re perfect for anybody, no need for any crazy culinary skills either, they super basic.

#letsbefrank you both love exercising. Top 3 tips for young babes who can’t just get up and go?

Steph: The hardest part is chucking your gym gear on and actually getting started, but just remind yourself that the only workout you’ll regret is the one you didn’t do.

Laura: Schedule your workouts in at the start of the week and treat them like meetings. You wouldn’t miss a meeting- so don’t miss a workout! Don’t expect to be motivated every time you workout- I am definitely not…. I would only work out 20% of the time if I only worked out when I was motivated. Once you get to the gym and start to sweat- your motivation will come!

And when you’re travelling and out of routine, your 3 go-to exercises are…

Steph: A long power walk, a floor ab routine (similar to the one that’s on our blog right now) or to get my heart rate up in a small space, I’ll chuck music on and literally do aerobics movements and dance around my hotel room hahaha!


  1. Running- it’s the best way to explore a new place!
  2. Skipping and body weight workout in my hotel room.
  3. Brig’s Pilates workout – you only need a mat and a chair. It is available on our website.

Lastly, who should I get down and dirty with next?

Both: Lisa Hamilton (if you haven’t already) she’s a bloody legend and incredibly inspirational. She has a busy lifestyle, but balances everything perfectly, and I know she loves you frank 😉 @seewantshop

xx frank

Our recipes are super simple to follow and don't require 100 different unheard of ingredients.