Girls just love to vent so all you have to do is listen!

Girls just love to vent so all you have to do is listen!

Recently, I spent some time in the tub with Pip Edwards. Design director at General Pants, Co-Founder of new activewear label, P.E Nation and mother to Justice. She’s a talented babe with a head full of creativity, a body covered in salt from the beach and a sugar-craving for dates. #letsbefrank, I enjoyed myself and I think she did, too.

What’s the first thing you think of when you wake up?

“Why is my alarm going off already!!!”

Then, what’s the first thing you do?

Go and see Justice in bed and have a morning snuggle.

You’re a babe, business woman and a mum. How do you split your time?

It’s a challenge but I split it as best as I can. Work takes over a fair bit, but I am there morning and night for my son and there for him on the weekends to support all of his sporting activities. I also get him involved across my P.E Nation creative just so he feels like he is a part of it!!!

You’re kid-less, job free – where are you and what are you doing?

Baking on the beach, drinking Bloody Marys, hanging with my boyfriend or doing Bondi to Bronte.

What are the five foods you can’t live without to energise you for your day?

Boiled egg with tobasco, skim mocha, acai bowl, guacamole and frozen pitted dates for a sugar hit.

P.E Nation. First of all, #letsbefrank, congratulations. I can see 1 (thousand) babes looking really good in this. Tell me where this concept came from?

It all came to fruition over a long lunch!!!

How long was it in planning?

Claire and I were working on this for the past year but I have long wanted to have my own ‘something’, it was just a matter of time.

You and your business partner, Claire Tregoning split the roles between you. What is your favourite part of the process?

Claire and I share the same vision and we have the same eye, plus we have worked so well together in the past we easily guess what the other thinks. The best part is that we are completely in sync. I love our designated design days – those days are more fun than work.

How did you and Claire meet? And one tip for young babes when picking whether their friend is also suitable to be their business partner?

Claire and I sat next to each other for nearly four years when we both worked at sass & bide. I was the senior creative and she was the senior designer. We very much have the same working relationship for P.E so it just comes naturally to us. We were the perfect business partners as our skill sets totally compliment each other and together we have the creative/design/marketing side covered.

What’s more important, comfort or style?

Stylish comfort!!!!

Your background stems from general pants. Tell me a bit about their philosophy?

General Pants is all about infusing youth pop culture while curating and editing trends and product.

You’re off to work, what are you wearing?

I am always wearing some kind of urban sport look – denim, trainers and a vintage sports tee.

Any tips for juggling it all? Motherhood, social life, career?

It helps when you have the best mum in the world that helps me juggle!!!! Support is everything. A good network of family and friends really gets you by!

Favourite place to get fit?

The beach and F45.

You’re a beach babe. Does that mean your skincare regime is just sand and salt water?

It is a lot of sun, sand and salt water but that means I have to take really good care of my skin. I visit The Clinic in Bondi Junction regularly where they refresh and rejuvenate my skin with blueberry peels. They have also got me onto their signature moisturiser which is a lifesaver. As I approach my late 30’s I’ve realised that your skin is everything and to love the skin you are in, you need to take active care.

One piece of advice for the opposite sex?

Girls just love to vent so all you have to do is listen!!!!

Lastly, who should I get down and dirty with next?

My girl crush, Veronica Heilbrunner.

xx frank

Girls just love to vent so all you have to do is listen!