Hormones are like the bossy babes at school. They tell everyone what to do.

Hormones are like the bossy babes at school. They tell everyone what to do.

Hormones: they’re like the bossy babes in school.

They control everything in your bod like your hunger, your sex drive, and your mood. They basically tell your bod what to do.

When they go rampant and take over the school (or your bod) it means chaos: your weight can go up and down, you might get acne, and in terms of boys – you’re more excited about handwashing.

Because I’m a male, I am in no way capable to tell you what to do with hormones that have let popularity get to their head, I grabbed Nicole Granato. She’s like the school captain of hormones and gets their feet back on the ground.

First up Nicole. What are hormones?

“For women, hormones are everything. We cannot escape them and when we do they almost come after us with a sword. Hormones affect your emotional wellbeing along with your physical. It is so important to get to the root of your hormonal issues as they will not go away until you do. I see many women take medication to balance their bodies but someday you will want to go off of those medications and you will be forced to face your body and its hormonal issues. I believe it’s better to deal with it head on and figure out what your body needs and wants to feel and look its best!”

How do hormones affect your skin?

“When our bodies are hormonally imbalanced energy levels will go down, skin condition will go down.  Make sure eat foods true to the earth food that haven’t been highly processed.  Making sure products you’re using are clean and don;t have different chemicals in there. What you put on your skin and in your body are clean to put true nourishment into your body.”

How can you detect a hormonal imbalance?

“There’s no quick and easy answer. It all comes down to how you feel. When we feel off and we’re not menstruating regularly our hormones could be off. You can get a blood test, but if you don’t feel right then something isn’t right.”

OK, so a babe feels like they’re out of whack. How can she sort this out?

“We can balance our hormones from diet. What we need is healthy fat like avocado, nuts, seeds and different oils. It’s so essential and a lot of people tend to stay away from it because people believe it affects their weight.”

What are some tell-tale signs babes need to watch out for because it could mean something much bigger?

“A hormonal imbalance can very often be connected to yeast and candida in the body! This is a killer for woman because it also has the ability to interfere with our reproductive organs as well as depression and anxiety.  All women have candida, it’s a part of us. So candida cleanses are really important. I recommend doing a two week cleanse for every 3 months.”

Here are a few babe problems: trouble sleeping, periods, energy levels, anxiety. How can babes better manage that through diet & supplements?

“As women it is so important to make sure that we have healthy levels of Iron and Magnesium in our bodies! This directly effects all of these issues. When our body acts out it because something is off and or it is not getting vital nutrients it needs. Another reason for poor sleep, missed periods and energy levels being off is stagnation which leads to improper blood flow through the body! We have a supplement called Detox that was designed to directly improve sleep, energy, menstruation and anxiety due to cleansing the kidney, liver and bowel to promote optimal health!”

If you could offer one tip to change your lifestyle what would it be?

“Have a routine that works for you not because it’s supposed to be good. For example set your alarm to wake up every morning leaving you enough time to eat, make your smoothie, take your supplements and leave the house on a good note to take on your day.

Everything is linked to our skin starting from food, liquids, sleep, emotions and mood. Our skin takes the biggest beating when we are out of balance! Being our largest organ we can sometimes forget how much every aspect of our life effects it. Eating well is the start but being mindful of the products you use, your exercise habits and self care is key to glowing skin.”

So is it about a diet?

“I am a firm believer in trying to work with your body oppose to controlling it. Lets face it, does anything ever work out when we try and control it? It goes the same with our bodies. Diets and food have become so complicated and I like to go back to the root of food and nutrition which is simply to eat real food, eat clean meat and to stay away from dairy frequently! Drink plenty of water and make sure you are taking supplements to support the health of your organs! If your organs are not functioning at their highest it will come off hormonally as everything is being processed through them.”

What’s the deal with dairy?

“Dairy is something that I say for hormonal imbalances is to stay away from. As women we’re designed to produce milk, we’re designed to feed milk to our child so when we take in foreign milk our bodies are like what happened here, this is not what we’re supposed to be doing. So our body rejects it and people get dark circles under their eyes and bloating along with acne. My suggestion for a lot of things if you think you have an intolerance to, is to d look at diet and eliminate something for 2 weeks. Then keep an eye out for what your body feels like. Write down the changes you see. I you see positive changes. If you don’t feel a difference or you feel worse that’s something to look at.”

My babes do get hormonal acne, how can they take care of it?

“Always cleanse your skin at night. I think exfoliating is important for acne, not too much, once or twice a week. Acne is very much jawline that’s hormonal. Chin and forehead can be liver and kidney so I would recommend an apple cider vinegar tonic every morning two tea spoons. No acids on your skin, frank’s Everyday Face Moisturiser is good for that. And for scarring, always put sunblock on it and don’t pick at it.”

Wanting to clean up your act? Here’s my introduction to natural skincare and clean eating.

I’ll be with your every step (and mood) of the way.

x frank.

Hormones are like the bossy babes at school. They tell everyone what to do.