Some cheeks you want to change, others you don’t.

Workout: a word that can mean many a thing.

For some, a workout takes place in a gym.
For others, it’s in the bedroom.
And for a creative few, a workout is as simple as lunging for the last round of espresso martinis during happy hour. #letsbefrank

But did you know that there are sneaky ways your workout (probably the one in the gym) can make you breakout?

#1 That sweat.

Sweat is what you want in a workout, but once you’ve got it, you need to get rid of it. If you skip the shower for a brunch with your babes, it can leave a nasty mixture on your skin that has time to fester, especially around that sports bra. Fortunately, I love getting face down in sweaty babes. So allow me to focus on that area first…

Tip: You sweat, you scrub. Have a shower soon after your sweat-sesh with my Peppermint Coffee Scrub. I’ll clean your pores while leaving you feeling soft and supple.

#2 That gym mat.

You lower down into chaturanga and your nose touches the mat. But that’s not all it touches. There’s dirt, bacteria and – if it’s not your own mat – other people’s sweat. It’s like making out with the entire weights room. And #letsbefrank, you don’t want to go there. Their singlets are always too small. So that means other things could be… um, small.

Tip: Wipe down your mat before use. Even if it’s your own.

#3 That foundation.

And the rest of the makeup on your face. When you exercise your pores begin to relax and enlarge. If you have a layer of foundation on, the pores can become blocked because all of the sweat, makeup and bacteria has nowhere to go. The result? Breakouts.

Tip: Take your makeup off with my Charcoal Face Cleanser before you start exercising. Stop worrying about what you look like, know you’re doing it for crystal clear skin in the future. Or if you prefer a little coverage, dust on a mineral-based powder to allow your skin to breathe. But #letsbefrank, I like you with nothing on.

#4 That activewear.

#letsbefrank, there is good friction and bad friction – the bad can cause breakouts. This is when loose clothing rubs against the skin which can make it all irritated. And no babes wants that.

Tip: Wear well-fitted clothing in breathable fabrics.

#5 That bike helmet.

Good for safety, but #letsbefrank, not so good for your style – or your skin. The rubbing, heat, and constant pressure can be a dirty concoction for your skin, especially around your chin.

Tip: Clean each strap with antibacterial wipes once you’re finished riding. And give them a good scrubbing every once and a while with soapy water.


Follow these tips to prevent post-workout breakouts. Because the only thing I want you to leave the gym with, is the trainer. #letsbefrank.

x frank

PS – A big shout out to babe and #frankcrush @elyseknowlzy for getting sweaty in this pic above. I can’t wait to scrub it off.