Christmas gifts under the tree of your favourite babes

Can you feel it, babe? Holiday season is almost here.


Here’s what’s going to be under the trees and in the showers of your favourite frank babes. 


Under @karinairby’s tree: The Bright Side Kit.

“My two fave products in one kit! The Vitamin C Mask is a sneaky game-changer; everything those other, over-priced serums include and more! Combine this with the brightening A-Beauty scrub – utilising the best, all-Australian ingredients – it really doesn’t get much better than this versatile combo for me!”


Under @missmalinsara’s tree: The Shower Party Kit.

“My top gift kit from frank body HAS to be the Shower Party Kit, it’s perfect for prepping your body weather that be for a night out or just a midweek scrub. The fizzy scrub makes my showers that bit more fun.”


Under @mikzazon’s tree: The Dirty Latte Kit.

“Every woman is searching for the perfect products to make their skin silky soft after shaving WITHOUT razor burn or ingrown hairs. The Dirty Latte Kit has it all by storing the best moisturizer I’ve ever used in a reusable coffee cup and a coffee scrub that single-handedly relieved my bikini area from painful irritation. Self-care is what we all need right now, which is why this is the perfect gift for your loved one!”


Under @meg.boggs tree: The Dirty Latte Kit.

“My two must-have products! The OG scrub always takes my showers to the next level by scrubbing away dry skin, perfect for this time of year! Finish with the Perky Hydrating Body Cream to moisturize, which is packed with caffeine and Shea butter, revealing your softest, silkiest skin! Plus, the reusable coffee cup container it comes in is the absolute cutest!”


Under @joanna_spicer’s tree: The Bright Side Kit.

“I’m loving the bright side kit because it has everything you need to get glowing evenly toned skin. Vitamin C is one of my favorite ingredients because it helps to brighten and enhance the skin’s radiance while also protecting it from harmful UV exposure.”