I’m not into is damaging nature. Which is why none of my scrubs contain microbeads.

#letsbefrank, your skincare routine should be a guilt-free pleasure and the microbeads found in many beauty products not only harm the environment, but also our bodies.

I’m into nature; I use natural and naturally-derived ingredients, I don’t test on animals and I love being by the water.

Especially when you babes are frolicking in the ocean all soft skin and salty hair. No make up, no pants, no worries. Diving in and out of the water like a mermaid…  Sorry, I’m getting distracted.

What I’m not into is damaging the environment. Which is why none of my scrubs contain microbeads. So what are they?

What are microbeads?

Microbeads are a non-biodegradable product that can be found in facial scrubs, cleansers, body washes and some toothpastes. The problem with these little plastic beads is that they are so small, less than a millimetre in diameter, that when they are washed from your face or body, they go down the drain and wind up in the ocean.

And why are they bad?

Once microbeads are in the ocean it’s pretty much impossible to get them out. Microbeads are plastic so they don’t break down and are too small to be caught in any kind of net. Microbeads can easily be mistaken as food by fish, and that is is how they enter the food chain. What might be okay for your skin isn’t necessarily good for your insides.

In Australia, many major retailers are taking steps to ban products that contain microbeads, and I think you babes should do the same thing.

Luckily for you frankfurts, none of my products contain microbeads.

My body scrubs are 100% natural. Instead of synthetic ingredients I use a special blend of roasted and ground Robusta coffee, brown sugar, sea salt, and natural exfoliators like joboba beads. While my Creamy Face Scrub is rough and gentle at once, the coffee based formulation is more targeted to leave your sweet cheeks feeling smooth and soft with natural exfoliants including freshly roasted and ground Robusta coffee beans, bamboo powder and walnut shell powder.

So you can scrub with me and not worry about washing anything artificial into the ocean. It’s just another reason to feel good about scrubbing.



I’m not into is damaging nature. Which is why none of my scrubs contain microbeads.