Firstly, you could always be me?

Happy Halloween to all my American honeys (and those around the world joining in):

As an Aussie guy, I only know so much about this holiday. Most importantly that it involves dressing up (or down). Secondly, that it involves candy.

I like to dress up, too. I can be original, coconut, or cacao. Which do you like best?

And what are you going to dress up as this year?

Typing into google: “Halloween costume ideas” just doesn’t cut it these days. I have a few thoughts up my sleeve pants.

Firstly, you could always be me?

But seriously…

If you’re going to dress up, you’ve got to go all out. I’m talking glitter, fake blood, tutus, horns – the lot.

Scary or cute, sporty or ginger, Or…. another kind of 90’s babe. Whatever really, I’m not fussed.

I’ll help you scrub all that face paint off after. I promise there won’t be too many tricks in the shower. You and I both know we’re in for a treat.

This holiday is growing on me already. I’m all in. #letsbefrank

xx frank

Firstly, you could always be me?