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Who do I have to bat my eyelashes at around here to get a strong coffee.

I travel a lot. Visiting all you babes’ round the world, here there and everywhere. But I wouldn’t call myself a wanderlust gypsy. So I found one for you. Olivia, the babe and brains behind Cleopatra’s bling and I spent some time together. She taught me how to make jewellery, and I taught her how to scrub. 

What’s the first thing you think of when you wake up?

Who do I have to bat my eyelashes at around here to get a strong coffee.

Then, what’s the first thing you do?

Bit of a stretch, some downward dog poses and my mind starts racing about the million things I have to do that day. Then I think “I really should meditate”.

Fancy dinner or park picnic?

Fancy dinner in Winter, picnic in Summer on the beach or in a park.

Night out dancing or night in on the couch?

Been prone to the couch lately with documentaries or a movie.

Walking or running?

Walking early in the morning.

Savoury or sweet?

Savoury (as the Turks say, I am sweet enough without sugar).

You’re a wanderer and traveller. This started in Paris. What aspect of Paris did you fall in love with?

The small cobblestone streets, the language, the FOOD!

And what did you miss most about home when you were away?

The fusion and asian cuisine in Melbourne, sunshine, and the chilled Aussie mentality. Oh and Melbourne coffee.

The biggest attraction about living in Europe?

Being close to so many countries, being able to speak different languages, and great shoes.

And the hardest bit?

I find winter in Europe hardcore. Apart from that, I am constantly fed in Turkey, so keeping fit is probably my biggest challenge.

Tell me a bit about how your lifestyle differs from that when you were based in Melbourne?

Turkey is my creative haven, I go and design and produce my lines when I am in Istanbul. Melbourne is a slower pace, and when I am home I connect more with nature and people.

You started the jewellery line, Cleopatra’s Bling. Where did this name come from?

I started making jewellery in Istanbul, which is a perfect mix of East and West. Cleopatra is a symbol of the East, and her exotic beauty enchanted me. Bling is more of a Western word, so to be playful I put them together. It’s catchy and kind of sums up my brand.

How did you get into this field? It’s not exactly standard, which is why I like you, babe.

I met an old Shaman man in the backstreets of the Grand Bazaar who was making jewellery and I asked him to teach me. Since then, I’ve been making jewellery.

And what do you love most about jewellery design?

I love the fact that you can never run out of ideas, there are so many ways to set a stone, different materials to play with, and so much inspiration just by looking around in the world. I read a lot of mythology to keep my creative juices flowing.

Hardest thing about having your own business?

Not having a day off.

And biggest business mentor?

My parents and my boyfriend for always believing in me and giving me unbiased advice.

Tell me a bit about your beauty regime. How does this fit into your wanderlust lifestyle?

I drink a lot of water, scrub when I’m feeling lifeless, go to a Turkish Bath when I need a serious relaxation sesh, and smother myself with body lotion before bed to sleep like a baby and wake up silky smooth.

Any products you avoid? Or can’t live without?

Fake tan is a big no. I can’t live without coconut oil and I use it for literally everything. frank body peppermint scrub gets me up and going in no time.

If I was going to come to visit you, what are your three top travel tips?

Come visit and we will visit Kas in Turkey, have a Turkish Bath together (includes a good scrub) and drink Turkish Coffee with no sugar of course.

And lastly, who should I get down and dirty with next?

I would love to see you get down and dirty with the singer Oh Land. She is a babe and I would love her to wear my jewellery.

xx frank

Who do I have to bat my eyelashes at around here to get a strong coffee.