What’s your coffee order?

Decaf Oat milk latte! (Caffeine has me climbing on the ceiling!!)


What is Lemonade Doll’s mission?

To make girls feel amazing and to build confidence when they need it most. We want to push the boundaries of over-sexualised female underwear market, and embrace women and empower them. Young women today longer want underwear to attract men, they want underwear to help them take over the world and that’s what we want to provide! 


How did you get into the undies biz?

I have been in the entertainment industry all my life and a couple of years ago decided I wanted to switch things up and build a community that celebrated girls and made them feel amazing. Once I started building our girl army I thought what better way than to get us all in our undies to ensure other girls join and know we are all beautiful and capable to achieve anything. That’s how we became an underwear business! 


You and your babes at Lemonade Dolls are proud of the bodies your mummas gave you. What’s your mumma like?

There is one word for my mumma and that is FABULOUS. She is 75 and I can’t keep up with her!! She’s my inspiration and my best friend. 


Thoughts on stretch marks, cellulite, and lovely lady lumps?

We are over photoshop. We want our customers and partners to embrace their natural beauty! What is wrong with stretch marks, cellulite and some gorgeous lady lumps?! Nothing. Being real is sexy as hell!


Who is in your personal girl army?

I’m really lucky and have lots of power women in my life! Caren Downie is my business partner who has been previously called ‘Vivienne Westwood of the highstreet’ who is a massive inspiration! I have friends from when I was 4 years old to new friends I’ve met in the entertainment/fashion industry. I believe your vibe attracts your tribe so my world is filled with ambitious, kind, determined, talented badass bosses.


Okay, I (and my frankfurts) need to know: briefs or thongs?

Thong (but in lockdown briefs!!)


I know what’s on your booty, but what products do you love on your face?

I have eczema so everything I use is super moisturising. I can’t live without Elizabeth Ardens 8 hour cream! I love PIXI which is 100% natural and my Eve Lom cleanser always calms my skin. I love frank’s coffee scrub for my exfoliator and have I mentioned I like the cherry bomb lip balm?! 


Finish the sentence. When life gives you lemons…

Tell yourself you’re amazing and put some glitter on. 


Last question. Who should I get dirty with next?

Jess Megan. She is an amazing influencer/model and isn’t afraid to talk about body image, sex and mental health – she is a mega babe!! We love how she encourages girls to come out of their shells and to be proud of who they are!!