They say patience is a virtue, babe.

But what do you get when you wait?

Good things, babe. For example…

You get to have your cake – and eat it too.

Cakes don’t just appear, babe. They take 30-45 minutes in the oven (or a trip to the local bakery). Over that time your mixture becomes a fluffy, circle (or rectangle) of happy times. There’s nothing wrong with eating cake mix, but you can’t serve that up at afternoon tea.

You get to sip on an espresso martini.

Again, these take time. All that shaking behind the bar isn’t just an act, it’s the creation of something beautiful. And #letsbefrank, you’re not going to ask the hot barman babe to speed things up. Actually, make that two espresso martinis.

You get to avoid a broken heart.

You spot a cutie in the corner. And then you give it a few hours. Next thing you know, he’s yelling profanities at the sports game on television. You may find that he’s not so cute after a few beverages. Heartbreak avoided.

You get skin that everyone will want to touch.

It’s as simple as spending 2-3 minutes with me, babe. My coffee body scrubs need a bit of time on you to allow all this natural goodness to seep in. The result? Skin so soft you’ll have randoms wanting to touch you.

You get things before anyone else.

Like my new somethin’ somethin’. Yes babes, I’ve heard your cries for summer and now I’ve bottled it. Just for you, babe. Sign-up here to get it first.

One thing you don’t need to wait for? My love.

You can find it all her on my Instagram @frank_bod.

x frank.