#letsbefrank, making it in New York is high on the list of dreams for many of my babes.

#letsbefrank, making it in New York is high on the list of dreams for many of my babes.

It’s up there with living the artist’s life in Europe and becoming a mermaid on a beach in Mexico. While these are all fantastic, living the American dream tends to need a little more help than the other two.

The Big Apple, as we call it, is a fast, big, somewhat smelly, fabulous place. ‘Making it’ there isn’t as easy as wandering the white sands of a Mexican beach or eating pasta for three hours in Italy.

Which is why you babes tackling this big dream could do with a tip… or five:

1. Learn the subway, stat. Uber is great and convenient but it can sure add up. See the sights of the skyline and local architecture on foot, or tackle the underground. Remember it’s a grid system and Google maps is your friend. Just think: that money you save on Uber & taxis could be spent on clothes or better yet, your beauty regime (aka me).

2. Don’t text and walk at the same time. I know you babes can multi-task, but texting and walking around the streets of NYC will guarantee bruises. People need to be places and they’ll sweep you up with them if you’re not looking.  So look up and see the city, rather than down at the internet. It’ll still be there when you get to your destination.

3. Heels off, runners on. #letsbefrank, your pins look great in your 4 inch stilettos but they won’t get you from A to B as fast as you require. Plus, I think you look great in anything, babe.

4. Befriend your local barista. Coffee is your friend in NYC. An Australian coffee is even better. That’s why I’ve hooked up with my Australian friends at Sweatshop in Brooklyn. This studio-slash-espresso bar will make be sure you’re caffeinated appropriately for the New York pace. I’ll be there from June 20-24. Swing by for ‘kawfee’, crafted for your insides – and coffee-based skincare courtesy of me, for your outsides. I’ve also put a few new items of their food menu, too.

Can’t make it? I’ll bring all the antics to you on Snapchat. Follow me: frankbod.

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5. Know your closest fresh juice & salad bar. NYC is the place to eat and drink everything, but your immune system could do with a boost every so often. The best way? Grab a fresh salad, or a ginger, carrot, orange and beetroot juice. It provides you with those essential vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants that we all need. Try Juice Generation. They’re everywhere.

NYC is the city that never sleeps for a reason. This is great as it means you have even more time to spend in the shower with me. That’s why I created The Grind High Club. My limited edition travel kit of four mini coffee scrubs. Just what you need after you’ve had a long day tackling your hopes and dreams.

Enjoy the hustle, babe.

xx frank

#letsbefrank, making it in New York is high on the list of dreams for many of my babes.