Because vampires are meant to look pale and dead, you shouldn't.

Because vampires are meant to look pale and dead, you shouldn't.

Foetal position, on your back, on your face: I don’t care how you sleep, I just want you to get it. 

Melatonin (that sleepy stuff in us) is very important for a good night’s rest and when looking at things such as screens, phones and whatever else we can check our facebook feeds on, we don’t allow it to develop, leaving us lying there wondering why we’re not asleep yet, and #letsbefrank nobody enjoys that. 

I’ve been doing some research and trying to find solution for you babes. How can we stay social, do our work, and still get a good night’s sleep ready for tomorrow? Here are 4 steps to get there:

1. G2G sleeping now.

Put the phone away, turn the computer off and put that beautiful mind of yours to rest. I know that they might be texting you, or there is a new season out on Netflix, but you can’t enjoy it when your eyes are shrivelled up like prunes. Make sure to give yourself eight hours before you have to get up the next morning. The Netflix marathon can wait until Sunday.

2. Turn all the lights off.

Find anything bright and stomp on it. Jokes. Anything from a computer charger to an alarm clock can keep you up. So give them the flick. 

3. Power down. 

Apparently, babes love this. Turning all the power off keeps the hum of your MacBook Pro away from you. So you can snore and sleep talk without any competition.

4. Wake up and don’t do this.

…look at your phone. Go technology free ‘til after brekky. If they’ve messaged you while you were asleep, the message will still be there once you’ve showered, dressed and filled your tummy with some avo on toast.  

Ignored all of the above because you don’t like being told what to do? I can help you there, too. My natural Glow Mask will perk up your face so you’ll look less dead.

Or is it 3am and you’re pumping with energy? Why not clean out the nasties lurking in your bathroom cabinet? See, I’ve thought of everything.

frank x 

Because vampires are meant to look pale and dead, you shouldn't.