Keep on ballin’, babe.

Keep on ballin’, babe.

Babes can get a bad rap: all your beauty, denim cut-offs and smiles can make the world around you think you’re just made up of pink fairy floss. And that can get a babe down.

So I’ve devised 13 different ways you can get a little more ‘go’ in your gonads.

And a warning, doing all at once may appear aggressive. So pick and choose these exercises as you see fit.

#1: Make the first move.

On behalf of all men, this is the most impressive thing a babe can do. It takes serious lady balls to talk to a stranger. If we don’t say anything, it’s because we’re in shock. Just. Keep. Going.

#2: Tame a lion.

Or just a very big dog. This is why cute babes have big dogs; it’s to demonstrate the size of their lady balls. #letsbefrank.

#3: Speak up. Not down.

Having an opinion is what I love about my babes, that’s why I keep a record of what you say.

#4: Appreciate whisky.

It’s no pink moscato, but it will certainly clear the throat. Just in time for you to voice your opinions.

#5: Dine on your own.

Without touching your phone. Now that sharing platter doesn’t need to be shared.

#6: Make a decision and own it.

The world will not end if you order the Halloumi Burger over the Cheeseburger. If you want what your best babe is having, just eat hers.

#7: Cook a BBQ like a boss.

A babe who can flip halloumi to perfection is a babe I want at my pool party. That’s why all those BBQ aprons have a babe printed on them… #letsbefrank.

#8: Learn how to fix something.

That could be changing a tyre, switching a light globe or wrapping up a present without using duct tape. All are impressive.

#9: Park your car like a pro.

If we all rode unicorns this wouldn’t be a problem. #letsbefrank

#10: Give good eye contact.

It’s polite and shows interest. Eyes are also the window to the soul, so you never know, you may just find a mate. Wink.

#11: Learn how to fly kick.

Two words: Milla Jovovich. Just watch Resident Evil and you’ll want to learn. Fly-kicking in stilettos? That’s style and skill.

#12: Smash some balls.

Protein balls, babe. You will need some muscle if you’re going to hustle. The babes at Health Lab know all about this.

#13: Get dirty.

This can happen beyond the bathroom: get in the dirt, go camping, ride a motorbike, get the wind in your hair. Because life is better when it’s dirty #letsbefrank.

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x frank

Keep on ballin’, babe.