#letsbefrank, I think you’re the tits. I also think you should check yours, regularly. 


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and today is No Bra Day. In honour of both, I got chatting with Dr Chantel Thornton, a breast cancer specialist, so you can free your nips and get handsy with yourself. 


Her first piece of advice: know what your mumma gave you.

Is your right bigger than your left? Does it sit higher, lower, closer together or further apart? To know when something is abnormal, you first know what your normal looks and feels like.


Look but don’t touch. Yet.

Make sure you’re in a well lit room and are using a good quality mirror. No smudges or lipstick kisses. Take your top off and tie your hair up, babe. You need to get a good look at yourself. 


Get into position. 

I call this one the power stance. Stand with your hands on your hips, squeezing your hips so your pecs contract. Check yourself out: look for any flattening, pulling, or indentations.


Raise the roof. And then your boobs.

Lift your arms up high and take another look. Check for any abnormalities when you raise your hands up high. Then, lower your arms and lift up your breasts. Look at the skin underneath for any abnormalities.


Free the nip.

One final look; this time at your nipples. Notice any changes in colour, size, or discharge coming out of them? Is it cold? Turn on the heater, babe.


Time to get handsy.