Shopping for gifts is hard, #letsbefrank. I’ll make it easy for you. Match the characters in your everyday life with the gifts they’ll actually appreciate.

A gift for your sibling’s situationship: Original Coffee Scrub.

Why? Because nothing says “I secretly hope you stick around” like the gift of smooth, radiant skin.

A gift for the clueless partner who needs a hint: Super Scrubs Kit.

Why? Love means never having to say you’re sorry…for a terrible gift. Make amends with my best-selling body scrubs. 

A gift for the ‘sharing is caring’ roommate: Glycolic Body Scrub.

Why? You share bills, chores, and bad date stories, but there’s no need to share body care too.

A gift for the MIL you can’t compete with: The Niacinamide Era Kit.

Why? Her approval might be a mystery, but a glowing complexion is a sure thing. 

A gift for the low key scary Gen Z cousin: Acid Heroes Kit.

Why? You’re still deciphering their texts, but your skincare message is clear. 

A gift for the teacher who survived a year with your kid: Rosehip Body Scrub & Cleanser.

Why? They managed your child’s antics; now gift them a kit to manage their well-deserved time off. 

A gift for the delulu bestie: Smoothing AHA Body Lotion.

Why? Body care as foolproof as your friendship. 

A gift for the work wife who is always down for a little snack: Butt First, Coffee Kit. 

Why? For babes not made for 9-5, but made to scrub and thrive. 

A gift for the rich friend who pretends to be poor: Hyaluronic Acid Body Serum.

Why? Top shelf skincare for your mate who ‘never’ drinks top shelf… publicly.

A gift for the your retired wild party friend who is soon to be a mum: Grab my (Rose)Hips Kit.

Why? Who needs a club when your bathroom feels like a spa?