The Easter Bunny is blowing my mind this year.

The Easter Bunny is blowing my mind this year.

Easter: #letsbefrank, not many people know what we’re even celebrating.

Most babes believe it’s chocolate. So you know what? I’m going to go with it.

Introducing The Easter Egg Mocha.

A shot of espresso poured into an Easter Egg; it’s the best thing I’ve seen since coffee body scrubs. #letsbefrank.
Here’s how you make it:

Step 1: Choose your Easter egg.

What is it about Easter egg chocolate? It always tastes better than your average chocolate. Maybe it’s the inflated price or maybe it’s that coloured foil? Or maybe it proves that glitter chickens do exist. Either way, whatever you’re peddling (Cadbury, Lindt, Nestle), it’s working.

Step 2: Bite it open.

Take the top off your egg and feed it to a nearby babe. Sharing is caring, the same goes for showers. #letsbefrank.

Step 3: Use protection.

You need to put in a protective vessel, babe. Chocolate melts so pop it in a mug before pouring in your espresso. If you pour decaf in there, the bunny gets it. Jokes.

Step 4: Now enjoy.

That gooey, chocolatey, caffeinated goodness. Is your skin calling out for something sweet too? My Cacao Coffee Scrub will feed its sugar cravings. Best enjoyed in the shower with a hot cross bun. #scrubskills

Step 5: Go on an Easter egg hunt.

Wrap yourself in coloured foil and meet me in the bathroom. Bunnies are also welcome.

Happy Easter, sweets.

x frank.

The Easter Bunny is blowing my mind this year.