Single? Let’s mingle. Taken? Lucky guy. Complicated? There’s nothing a kiss can’t fix.

Single? Let’s mingle. Taken? Lucky guy. Complicated? There’s nothing a kiss can’t fix.

Whether you’re single, committed or in a serious relationship with plants this Valentine’s Day, I have a plan for you. Hint: it doesn’t involved eating a whole tub of ice-cream while stalking your ex.

Valentine’s is a day to celebrate love. And the best bit? It doesn’t matter who you celebrate it with, as long as you’re celebrating not hating.

Single ladies:

Being single is awesome. Even on Valentine’s Day.

Grab the girls and invite them over to celebrate your love for food and friendship with a big dinner party. Wine is optional (but encouraged).

There’s one rule: you can’t talk about boys or relationships. Make sure you do, however talk about love – how much you love and appreciate each other. You should remind your friends how much they mean to you, every day. But especially on Valentine’s Day.

Taken babes:

You wake up with roses, wear nothing but silky lingerie & spend the day with no one but your other half. Sound familiar? Or have you just stumbled into a chocolate commercial?

Love is different for everyone and everyone shows love in different ways. Valentine’s Day isn’t about showing off material gifts, it’s about showing your partner you care. Turn off your phone and focus your energy on them.

It could be doing something small like making them breakfast in bed or something personal like re-enacting your first date.

Just remember babes, Valentine’s Day goes both ways. Cherish that person who puts up with your mood swings, understands your hair can’t always smell like flowers and knows that you can pick your friends, not your family in law.

A little more complicated:

He/she is your bae, but not your boyfriend/girlfriend. You’ve been doing what you’re doing for a while now, and that works for you. If you want more now is a good time to speak up or move on. Otherwise just keep doing what you guys do.

Reminisce on a personal joke, go on an adventure together or mix things up in the wardrobe department.

Presents are unnecessary, your presence is enough. Just remember, don’t put too much pressure on the situation. Maybe opt for cadbury, not Lindt. We don’t want people thinking you’re too serious, now do we?

You’re in a relationship with your plants:

I get it. Humans are complicated. Plants are simple.

You give them water and sunlight they give you oxygen and something pretty to look at.

Make this Valentine’s Day extra special by giving all your plants some TLC. Pick off any dead leaves, re-pot the ones that have out-grown their pots and mix a liquid fertilizer into their water for a little extra affection.

Then sit back in your jungle, admire your work. Maybe give yourself a good soak to.

Whether it’s love, lust or just laughs, spend Valentine’s Day doing just that.

xx frank

Single? Let’s mingle. Taken? Lucky guy. Complicated? There’s nothing a kiss can’t fix.