I can’t promise that it’ll be healthy, but I can promise it’ll taste good.

Leave your vegemite and porridge at home, the American breakfast is sweet, salty and rather large.

Here are my top picks for where to brunch in NYC, with a matching scrub because it makes sense to have coffee in you, and on you. #letsbefrank

Something traditional.

Want the all-American breakfast? Just add oil. Got some oil, you’ve got yourself a breakfast. But these guys do it just right, down to writing the menu each day on the table in front of you. Nothing says babe like a babe with no expectations.

Diner NYC
85 Broadway, Brooklyn 11249,

My scrub pick: Peppermint Coffee Scrub to give you a refreshing scrub down after a big day of…eating.

Something sweet.

Love a sugar rush first thing? Then New York is your kind of brunch place. Sugar is no sweet treat, it has its place in every meal at any time of the day. Think pancakes, waffles and doughnuts topped with sugary American treats like Oreos or cookie dough.

Big Daddy’s
239 Park Avenue South, New York

My scrub pick: Cacao Coffee Scrub to make your sweet cheeks even sweeter.

Something exotic.

#letsbefrank, any place where burritos are on the menu for breakfast is fine by me. Enter the breakfast burrito: the fried goodness from above wrapped into one tortilla. And because it’s the U-S of A, there’s fries on the side too.

El Diablito Taqueria
60 E 3rd St, New York.

My scrub pick: Coconut Coffee Scrub, to transport your bod to somewhere exotic (as I’m yet to create a jalapeño scrub).

Something with everything.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks. You’ll feel at home here in more ways than one. Note: You must order pancakes for the table.

Five Leaves
18 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222

My Scrub Pick: The Grind High Club, because it also has a lot going on. Four mini coffee scrubs to be exact.

Something frank.

A busy-babe doesn’t just need breakfast, they need coffee too. And good coffee in New York requires an Australian. That’s why I’ve hooked up with my Australian mates from Sweatshop in Brooklyn to bring you coffee that wakes you up on the inside, and the outside too.

From June 20-24 I’ll be hanging out at their Williamsburg Metropolitan Ave shop where you can try their coffee, some of my favourite products and a very ‘frank’ menu. I’ve put a frank spin on these all-American classics:

The Francesca.

This is the sweet jaffle with blueberry and mozzarella.

The Francine.

A pink acai bowl with dragonfruit, cacao, coconut and orange rind.

The Frankfurt.

Espresso butter on banana bread.

My scrub pick: Original Coffee Scrub for the perfect introduction.

Monday 20 June – Friday 24 June

232 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn

Can’t make it to Brooklyn? No sweat. I’ll be bringing you all the action from Snapchat, just follow me: frankbod.

xx frank

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