6 natural wrinkle prevention tips

Tip 1: SPF every single day.

#letsbefrank, sun damage is one of the biggest reasons for skin ageing faster. I’m more into conga lines than tan lines. To future proof and protect your skin from premature aging, sunscreen every single day. Again for the babes in the back. And if you’re wanting that “just got back from Tulum” glow, give a spray tan a go.

Tip 2: Use my natural anti-aging skincare.

There’s no time like the present to add Vitamin C to your routine. Why? Vitamin C is an essential part of a natural anti-ageing skincare routine. My Brightening Vitamin C Mask sloughs off dead skin and reveals newer, brighter, younger skin hiding beneath. With consistent use, watch your fine lines and dark spots fade, sooner rather than later. 

Tip 3: Put down the Prosecco.

Already pouring yourself a glass before you’ve clocked off for the day? Paring a cheeky drink with your dinner? Drinking alcohol is many a babe’s vice, but be warned: it can cause your skin to age faster. Mainly through dehydration, which takes the fluid out of the skin, and inflammation, which causes more prominent redness. A natural anti-ageing remedy: slow down and stay hydrated, babe.


Tip 4: Moisturise.

#letsbefrank, no moisturiser can get rid of your wrinkles entirely. Moisturising works by plumping and puffing the skin, which makes the wrinkle look less deep. This one does a good job of reducing the appearance of them. Plus, it’s light and non-greasy, so it won’t clog your pores. It’s an instant perk up, without the need for lasers or needles.

 Tip 5: Don’t skip your neck and chest.

Did you know your face goes down to your boobs? Often babes spend all their time and money future-proofing above the neck, but they forget that there’s skin below it. Signs of aging happens here too, #letsbefrank. Keep it covered, apply sunscreen when it’s exposed, and extend your skincare routine to the skin on your neck and chest. That means exfoliating, cleansing, and moisturising. My anti wrinkle, Brightening Vitamin C Mask is effective enough to brighten the skin here, too.

Tip 6: Stress less, sleep more.

Stress makes your cortisol levels spike, which affects how your skin looks. Sleep, on the flipside, lets your skin regenerate and prevents dark under-eye circles. For the best anti-ageing remedy for your skin: do things that reduce your stress levels, like soaking in a bath, meditating, or exercising. Then when you’re ready for bed, put your phone away so you can shut off and get some shut eye. Pro tip: sleep on your back for even less eye puff in the morning.


Now combine all 6, be consistent, and watch as you glow. Field compliments if necessary. Instruct all on-lookers to take a number. Don’t forget who sent you. 


x frank