Everything you want to know before we get dirty.

What is frank body?


Let’s be frank, I’m just what you’ve been looking for.

I’m an Australian made, coffee-based skincare range that makes babes feel like… babes. Products made from natural and naturally-derived ingredients to give you naturally soft, supple skin.

Where is frank body made?


All of frank body’s products are made in Melbourne, Australia, using both local and internationally sourced ingredients, depending on supply resources and seasonal ingredient offerings.

Check out our product pages for more details.

Where else can I buy frank?


After frank spending all of his life online, he has now found multiple real world homes. What can we say, he likes to spread the love.

Head to our in store location list to find frank near you.

When is frank's team online?


Babe HQ is based in Melbourne, Australia.
Hours are 9.30-5.30 AEST/AEDT.

We’ll get back to you as soon as we’re online.

Does frank body test on animals?


frank body only tests on babes. The willing, human kind.

Does frank use clean ingredients?


frank likes to keep things simple, and he thinks you should, too. That’s why he sources the best clean ingredients to make his products. Clean to frank means no nasty chemicals, no fillers, no parabens. Some of his products are natural (all scrubs), some are naturally derived (for example, most of the face range is 98% naturally derived) and some are clean (frank’s new Everyday Range is made up of a combination of naturally derived ingredients and safe synthetics). All products adhere to the same guiding principles that frank stands by: simple, effective, affordable skincare that doesn’t cost the earth (in more ways than one).

Are frank body products vegan?


Some of my products are vegan, but not all of them. Most product pages should show you whether or not a product is vegan. If you have any specific questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to my babes at getnaked@frankbody.com.

Are frank body products gluten-free?


All of our products are gluten-free except the Caffeinated Hair Mask.

For more information, please get in touch with my babes at getnaked@frankbody.com.

Can I use the products while pregnant?


We’ve had great feedback from baby mummas everywhere who have used frank body products throughout their pregnancy and after birth, including some of my very own frankfurts who work here.

If you are unsure, we recommend consulting your doctor, but have had no reports of any adverse effects from the caffeine content as its working primarily on the top layers of skin and not being absorbed.

Can I use frank body on sunburn?


Oh no, babe. Too much time in the sun?

If you do happen to get a little sunburnt and your skin is looking red, don’t scrub. This will just make the soreness worse.

Instead, wait till the redness has calmed down. In the mean time you can use frank body’s body balm: its nourishing mix of natural ingredients and essential oils will restore your skin’s moisture levels and work towards preventing bubbling, peeling, and crepe skin.

Still ended up peeling? After the redness has died down, frank’s body scrubs are great for exfoliating dry and flaky skin, and restoring moisture levels to dry and tired skin.

Face a little red? Avoid using frank’s creamy face scrub until your sunburn has died down, but in the mean time his everyday face moisturiser contains similar nourishing ingredients as his scrubs, to help alleviate any sunburn related pain and restore moisture levels.

Does frank body have a loyalty program?


I do – Hotel Pink. The Loyalty Program that goes to a whole new level. Head here to check in.

How can I work at frank body?


frank occasionally looks for new frankfurts to join his team.

Follow him on social media for job updates: IG & Twitter: @frank_bod Facebook: /frankskincare LinkedIn: frankbody

How can I sign up to the mailing list?


Head to www.frankbody.com/loveletters.

Let’s make this official.

How do I unsubscribe from emails?


In the footer of every email there’s an unsubscribe button.

Click through there and confirm you would like to unsubscribe. We’ll miss you.

How does your product review process work?


All reviews are automatically published to frankbody.com, unless profanities or abusive language, including hate speech, racism and/or sexism is present. If you have not had a positive experience with your product, we will contact you to see if we can help resolve the issue. This contact is made via your review on our website. If at any point you wish to discuss your experience privately, we will contact you directly. If you have any further questions about our reviews process please get in touch with our team, and we’ll be happy to help: getnaked@frankbody.com.


I'm media - I'd like to talk to PR.


Hey there, paparazzi. frank body is eager to meet you, too.

Will you make him famous? Do you know Ellen or Kimmy K?

For all PR enquiries and to request a media kit please contact courtney@frankbody.com for world wide enquiries.

What is frank body's privacy policy and cookie policy?


You can find our privacy policy here, and our cookie policy here for more information.

Have a different question?


Get in touch at getnaked@frankbody.com.