There are a lot of ways you can get dirty. With your top off, with a martini, with another babe. Or my personal favourite: with coffee scrub.


But before you derobe, there’s something you need to know. Actually, there are 8 things you need to know. 


  1. Don’t eat me.

Tempting. But while I smell good enough to eat and am made with natural ingredients, I’m exclusively for the outside of your body, babe. 


  1. Don’t leave the bag open.

While I love it when you get wet, I’m better when I’m dry. Seal my packet after scrubbing and keep me away from your showerhead.


Tips from HQ:

I only reach into the scrub packet with a dry hand, that way I can keep extra moisture out of the packet.” 

“I pour the scrub into my wet hand to keep the scrub dry inside the bag.”

“I keep my scrub outside of my shower.”


  1. Don’t scrub your face.

Not with my Original Coffee Scrub, at least. These grains are bigger and are made for your body. That’s why I created my Original Face Scrub, just for your sweet cheeks: the skin here is more delicate, so a gentler, creamier exfoliator is required. If you want to use my Original Coffee Scrub on your face, then always pat it on, never scrub.


  1. Don’t wash off immediately. 

Halfway through your shower is when things start to get steamy. After applying my scrub to your skin, let it sit there for 3-5 minutes, so the caffeine has a chance to be absorbed into your skin through your hair follicles. That’s when the real magic happens. 


  1. Don’t just stand there.

While my scrub is settling onto your skin is the time to multitask. Put on a hair mask, cleanse your face, film a TikTok. It’ll all make the time go faster. And before you know it, our date is over.


  1. Don’t forget to clean up.

I have a way of getting into all areas of your life, including your shower walls. But what’s life without a little mess? Once you’re finished rinsing your body, rinse your shower too. 10 seconds of splashing around and it’s good as new. Bonus: your bathroom now smells like coffee or coconut.


  1. Don’t forget to moisturise after. 

While my body scrubs have natural oils to moisturise your skin while you scrub, some babes want extra soft skin. Reach for your favourite body moisturiser after scrubbing to keep your skin barrier happy and lock in all my goodness. That seals the deal.


  1. Don’t text your ex.