Peanut butter... A lot of peanut butter.

Peanut butter... A lot of peanut butter.

If you thought her face was cute, wait until you see the GIF she made me?

This Alaskan beauty let me share her pink tub, and a few health and beauty tips while she was at it. Lucky I have at least 5 other products for ‘Moogie’ to test out in the tub. #letsbefrank

What’s the first thing you think of when you wake up?

How awful all the apple alarm sounds are… How I should’ve gone to bed earlier, and then I get excited to eat breakfast. It’s my favourite meal of the day.

Then, what’s the first thing you do?

Go use the potty!

What’s your nickname? #letsbefrank, I can’t pronounce it. Sorry babe.

That’s okay, I forgive you. Mags, Magpie, Moogie.

You’re from Alaska. Tell me three things people wouldn’t know about the area?

  1. Alaskans eat the most ice cream out of anywhere else in the states.
  2. We have the lowest population density in the nation, one person per square mile… it’s super spacious here.
  3. A lot of us hunt and fish for our meat supplies. We can hunt and eat moose, however it is illegal to sell in restaurants.

One of my babes is there for three days. What are the must see / must do things?

Oh wow, it’s depends what area you’re in. Alaska is huge, it’s a third the size of the lower 48.

My top three would be;

  1. Fishing and camping in the Kenai Peninsula
  2. Adventuring around Homer.
  3. Hiking. Anywhere is good!

How did you first get into modelling?

I was really into photography and acting. One day I switched to being in front of the camera and it was like combining two of my favourite things.

Biggest lesson you have learnt?

That no matter what anyone might tell you, or what the industry might look like; Zoolander is a 99% accurate representation of the modelling world.

Bucket list campaign?

To be in one of those Carl’s Jr. commercials where the girls eat those super huge burgers.

You have travelled a lot for work. Three beauty tips when travelling?

This is a daily thing, but drink a TON of water. Flying is super dehydrating and can cause your skin to break out. Always have face wipes on hand. And bring a neck pillow. I don’t care how weird people think they are. Save your neck!

What will we always find in your hand luggage?

My green blanky. I’m a child, I need that thing to sleep.

Weirdest thing you do when you travel?

I fall asleep on airplanes in the most unattractive ways, ever. I usually end up flopping over onto the person next to me once I pass out. It’s always more awkward when I don’t know them…

You’re into nutrition. Tell me, who influenced this?

Honestly, I just decided to be healthy one day. I just woke up and decided to be good to my body, and have been a health nut ever since.

A babe is on a budget. What can she buy to stay healthy?

Frozen veggies and berries! Buying them in bulk is cheaper, and it’ll last you longer.

Your day on a plate…

Smaller portioned meals broken up throughout the day. I try to stick to 2-3 hours apart, which keeps my metabolism up.

  1. Gluten free oats with heaps of cinnamon and some coconut oil. And coffee, of course.
  2. Flank steak or some moose with some veggies, and/or sweet potato.
  3. A smoothie with vegan protein powder, mixed berries and tons of spinach.
  4. Fish or chicken with some green vegetables.
  5. An apple with some nut butter.
  6. Salmon which my family caught fresh with some more green vegetables.

Favourite cheat food?

A gluten free pizza from ‘Moose’s Tooth’. Or peanut butter… A lot of peanut butter.

When you’re not modelling, you’re?

Working out, eating peanut butter, writing, watching horror movies, hiking, road tripping… generally going on spontaneous adventures with my friends.

What’s in your headphones right now?

Eric Church – “Wrecking Ball”.

It’s workout time. What do you do?

High rep, low weight exercises on my upper body every other day.

Ab exercises everyday and a lot of sprints on the Stairmaster!

And who should I scrub / dirty talk with next?

My mother agent, Thuy Vo. She is one of the most boss ladies I’ve ever met, and she’s got a ton of cool stories and advice.

xx frank


Peanut butter... A lot of peanut butter.