Babe Island is no island without you. #letsbefrank.

Babe Island is no island without you. #letsbefrank.

Who runs the world? Babes do.

But in the case you ever find yourself down an Instagram wormhole, questioning your very existence, I’ve put together a 3-step recovery plan. It goes like this…

Step One: Stop what you’re doing.

And wiggle your toes. Ah, there they are. You’re a living, breathing babe. Being a babe is less about what you look like and more about how you feel. It’s a state of mind, so get your mind straight. Confidence in who you are is the most attractive quality of all. It oozes out into the world around you, kind of like chocolate in a crepe. And everyone wants more chocolate. #letsbefrank.

Step Two: Love your bod.

Being a babe is about much more than the skin you’re in, but there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of skin. So check out that fine figure of yours. Every inch of you is different and beautiful. There’s no-one or no-body just like yours.

Step Three: And repeat.

If in doubt, repeat the steps above. Then read my blog to remind yourself.

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I celebrate babes every day of the week.

x frank.

Babe Island is no island without you. #letsbefrank.