Remember: any costume is better than no costume.

#letsbefrank, babes. I’m normally not one for clothes.

Not only do they keep your beautiful bits and curves all covered up, but even worse they make scrubbing quite difficult. Poor me.

We all know that no pants are the best pants, and that any pants may as well be called jails, but there are some times when clothes are necessary: public, work, and oh yes- Halloween.

That time has come yet again, and let me be the first to say that you don’t want to be that babe at that party without an outfit, or a good one at that.

Stuck for ideas? I have a couple. It’s just the kind of guy I am.

An angel. Or the devil.

I’m really not fussed because I like my babes naughty and/or nice. Whether you’re a Victoria’s Secret Angel, or something a little more traditional from your local costume store; devil ears or angel wings are cute, but they have nothing on a full dress with matching shoes- whatever it be that angels or devils wear on their feet.

A pumpkin.

They’re delicious, bright, and tasty. Does that sound like you, babe?They’re also the perfect halloween costume.
Paint yourself orange, or wrap yourself in an orange bed sheet with cut out or coloured-in eyes. Your options are endless: you can bring props (smaller pumpkins), or alternatively a pumpkin pie. This way people won’t try to eat you like they sometimes do with me :/

A vampire.

Apparently they’re all the rage since Damon and Stefan Salvitore hit your screens. Yes, babe. I know my tv-shows.
Wear a killer (pardon the pun) outfit with some red lipstick and a bit of blood. Your hair needs to be shiny, and coloured contacts are optional.

That’s it. Three foolproof, fantastic ideas- if I do say so myself.

Still in doubt? How about you dress as a cat. I can help with that.

Remember: any costume is better than no costume. And we both know the best way to get costume-ready is with me. See you in the shower.

xx frank

Remember: any costume is better than no costume.