A streak-free golden glow all year round? I know the secret ingredient.

#letsbefrank, few things are good when they are fake: handbags, money & smiles.

A fake tan is the exception to the rule, when done properly of course. And that’s the tricky part, isn’t it?

Streak-free? Yes, please.

A smooth, even tan that doesn’t fade in patches. Even better.

A little time with me is all you need to get the perfect fake tan.

1. Scrub before you rub.

Scrub yourself thoroughly with one of my coffee-based Body Scrubs the night before you tan. This will help remove any dry, flaky skin which can cause your tan to look patchy.
Why the night before? Because my coffee scrubs are packed with natural oils, you want to allow them to hydrate your skin as much as possible prior to tanning.

2. Keep your hands out of it.

Wear a tanning mitt. Babes, say no to orange hands. If you must tan without a mitt, remember to scrub your hands thoroughly after use to remove any excess tan on your hands and knuckles.

3. Stay hydrated.

Your post tan routine is just as important as your pre-tan routine. Once you’ve put your tan on, moisturise the dry areas: knees, elbows, and ankles. Then keep moisturising every morning and night to maintain your tan.

4. Revisit step one.

Your tan will fade, that’s normal. But you want it to fade evenly and the way to make that happen is to keep scrubbing. About 4-5 days after you apply your tan, hop in the shower and get dirty from head to toe. Then top up your tan again and no one will be the wiser.

I’ve been told fake tan makes some of you babes happy. And #letsbefrank, that’s all I really want.

xx frank