#letsbefrank, a fake tan is one of the few fake things I like. It keeps your skin out of the sun, and it keeps some babes happy.


But tanning needs planning. Here’s how to prep your skin to get a streak-free tan, every time. And if you’re looking for the best pre-tan exfoliator, I’ve got you covered.


DO: Exfoliate before you tan. 

Exfoliating removes your old fake tan, plus dead skin and dry bits that can make your tan streaky and a little freaky. Scrub yourself with one of my coffee-based scrubs the night before so my natural oils can moisturise you overnight. 


Want a streak-free golden glow 365 days a year? The best exfoliator before spray tan is right here


DO: Exfoliate your face, too.

But instead of using my body scrubs, scrub with my Original Face Scrub. It’ll gently buff away dry, rough patches so your face glow matches your body glow.


DO: Moisturise in the lead-up.

Keeping your skin soft, supple, and oh so smooth means your fake tan will stick to you for longer. Moisturise in the days leading up to your self-tan session, especially on your elbows, hands, ankle, and feet. Just don’t moisturise on the same day.


DO: Moisturise after.

Your post-tan routine is as important as your fake tan preparation. Keep moisturising every morning and night after applying to maintain your “just got back from vacation” glow.


DO: Plan your date with your razor. 

If you’re a babe who likes silky dolphin skin, remove your body hair at least 24 hours before you plan to tan. This gives your pores time to close. And don’t wax/shave/laser after, or you’ll end up with some uneven patches and irritated skin. 


Fake tan or no tan, if it makes you happy, it makes me happy. 


xx frank