I'll increase your heart rate, #letsbefrank.

I'll increase your heart rate, #letsbefrank.

Sometimes you need to be tricked into things that are good for you; like mum slipping cauliflower into your pizza or eating strawberries – in fondue. So I’ve adapted a similar approach, this time with exercise.

Here’s how you get your daily dose of exercise without even putting on yoga pants.

1. Making soup.

What’s more intimidating than a babe with guns? A babe with guns, a knife and a tray of roast pumpkin. #triplethreat

2. Scrubbing your share-house bath tub.

Because no amount of epsom salts can cover up that grime. #letsbefrank

3. “Adulting” at IKEA.

Purchasing your first lot of homewares from IKEA and realising you need to carry them up three flights of stairs. That blender better be worth it.

4. Exfoliation.

Grab a handful of me and massage me around your bod in big sweeping motions, working up to your heart. Not only does your skin feel soft, I am much more affordable than your personal trainer.

5. Getting loved up.

On second thought, better book that personal trainer. That’s sure to increase your heart rate.

Now we’ve worked on your outsides, let’s work on your insides, too. Here are my babe’s guides to clean eating and natural skincare. Because just like avocado and corn chips, you can’t have one without the other.

x frank.

I'll increase your heart rate, #letsbefrank.