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Gift idea: A skincare gift set for you and all the women in your life.

Want to take the guesswork out of shopping for skincare? Easy: buy a kit. The beauty of skincare sets is that they’re designed with a routine in mind, tackling everything from uneven complexions to fine lines. Acne-prone skin? There’s a kit for that. Angry and red limbs? There’s a kit for that too.  Not to mention the savings and free merch you get from buying a kit. Why would you buy the items separately?

And here’s the best part: skincare sets are not only great for yourself, they’re great to give. They come with freebies and in a cute box, and the process is effortless. Celebrating Christmas? Your mum’s birthday? A baby shower gift? The fact that tomorrow is Friday? Celebrate properly with a skincare gift box. Every babe can benefit from super-smooth, glowing skin, so why not spread the love?

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Scenario 1: You need a gift for your sister’s/mom’s/BFF’s/work wife’s birthday 

Birthdays are the perfect opportunity to spoil your loved ones. But shopping for a gift isn’t always a cake walk, especially when you’re not sure what the birthday girl wants or needs. That’s why a skincare set is the best gift for any woman in your life. Is your partner’s sister complaining about KP or backne? Give them my Acid Heroes Kit. Or does your best friend love coffee and body care products? I bet she’d love my Butt First, Coffee Kit, which also comes with a reuseable coffee cup once you’ve scooped me all out. 

Scenario 2: you need a gift for a new mom or your mom for Mother’s day. 

Have you RSVP’d “yes” to an upcoming baby shower, but are drawing a blank for what to possibly give the mother-to-be? A skincare gift box is the answer, babe. The Rosehip Kit is a best-selling bundle of my Rosehip Dry Body Oil and body scrub. (Hint: it’s also a great gift for babes who recently gave birth, babes celebrating Mother’s Day, or any babe who wants exfoliated skin.) 

Scenario 3: you need Valentine’s day or Christmas gift ideas.

Is Valentine’s Day fast-approaching, and you’re not sure what to buy for your significant other? Or maybe Christmas is around the corner (again) and you can’t think of any gift ideas for the women you love. A skincare set should be added to your shopping list. Any woman will love the surprise of a new skincare routine. I have so many to pick from too. Choose from some faves like my Pore-ifics Kit, The Original Power Couple, or my Original Lip Duo.


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