Try to not use the word busy for a week. Seriously, see how long you last.


I love a hard working girl just as much as the next guy. #letsbefrank

It was your brains that got me at the start, followed by your bod.

But from time to time I do worry about your stress levels. #justthekindofguyiam

When you work hard and play hard, things can get a little tough, right?

And because we can’t spend 24/7 together, I’ve come up with some ways to calm you down, keep you relaxed, and smiling, with plenty of time to scrub.

Firstly, and my personal favourite: Just laugh, babe.

At me or with me, I don’t mind. Your smile is worth a million bucks.

Make sure you get your beauty sleep.

It not only helps you live for longer to scrub for longer, but it keeps your mind fresh, sharpens your memory, and makes you feel great. Don’t you think?

Please babe, eat more avocados.

You know how I love all things round and squishy.

And just like me, avocados improve your complexion with their natural oils.

You can also use them as a hair mask, or to cure ice-cream cravings. (So they say.)

Raspberries. Eat them, too.

Filled with stress-bursting antioxidants and vitamin C, you can kiss goodbye those winter colds and blues.

Meaning more kisses from me. And for me.

Get your babes together.

Don’t ever forget your friends. They’re around to chat, to provide a shoulder to cry on, a wingman to dance with, and an outdoor shower scrub-club.

Get yourself together.

There’s nothing better than a little alone time (maybe with me, too). Whether it’s a night in pampering yourself, a morning walk with some music in your ears, or sitting and getting your zen on for five minutes at the end of the day.

Trust me. It all works.

Tell your friends, and let me know what you think.


xx frank

Try to not use the word busy for a week. Seriously, see how long you last.