Drop down, thrust up. Repeat.

Drop down, thrust up. Repeat.

There is a sweet satisfaction I get when scrubbing a females’ buttox. #letsbefrank

The shape, the sensation, the result. Do you feel the same?

And a toned derriere- well that’s a whole new game. Shall we play?

I’ve decided to put a challenge out there for you babes. With summer well and truly underway, you’ll be sure to thank me later.

Let’s tone. Together.

Find yourself some space. On the carpet, the grass, your yoga mat- whatever.

Lie down and lift your feet up so they are on the ground.

Now lift your hips to shoulder height. Make sure you don’t put too much pressure on your neck, babe.

Drop down, thrust up. Repeat. 

Pay particular attention to your posture; your posture is number one.

Your butt is number two.

Okay, maybe they’re equal.

Now repeat after me: Posture. Thrust. Toned. Butt.

Then we scrub.

Again. And again. And again again.

How fun does this game sound?

frank x

Feature image my main babe, Elyse Knowles.

Drop down, thrust up. Repeat.