Red hair, blue eyes, and legs for days. Sexy mama, lingerie fiend, and clever frankfurt. Oh and did I mention she’s an Aussie, just like me?

Red hair, blue eyes, and legs for days. Sexy mama, lingerie fiend, and clever frankfurt. Oh and did I mention she’s an Aussie, just like me?

What’s the first thing you think about when you wake up?

Honestly? I think, “God, my husband is sexy and smells REALLY good!” Gross I know, but 100% true.

Then what’s the first thing you do?

Try to make out with him! Even if just for a second! Then I make coffee, cuddle my daughter and cook her breakfast.

Are you a bath or shower girl? What about Finley?

I’m a bath girl, so is Fin. Baths are just so indulgent and relaxing. They are definitely up there in my Five Favourite Things About Being Alive (The others being Lingerie, Food, Sex and Books – in no particular order).

What do you love most about the states?

The people- I love American people, especially the men; boys are raised with such good manners and there is a sense of pride and community here that I really respect. The fact you can hop in your car and go on amazing road-trips every weekend.

You’re a young mum and one of your jobs is modelling lingerie for a living. How was it getting back into shape?

It wasn’t easy. I tried to stay in as good a shape as I could while pregnant – I was going to the gym up until I was 8 months pregnant – and then I was back with a vengeance 2 weeks after giving birth. Your body is in quite an adaptable state at that point naturally and I think it helps. Working out was also my only ‘me time’, which was great mentally, so even though it was hard I looked forward to it.

What does your average day look like?

Depends if I’m at home or away working, they are completely different. If I’m traveling for work then I’m up early and at a studio or location by sunrise and there’s lots of flying, taxis and hotel check-ins-and-outs involved.

If I were at home you’d think I was the world’s dullest housewife. My family is my world. But the quirk is that I also spend hours doing my other job researching and writing about lingerie, as well as going to the gym, castings, fittings, meetings- One hour I can be doing a show in my underwear, then the next I’m volunteering at my daughter’s school. The parallels are pretty funny!

We hear you like dry brushing. Is this true? What influenced this? Any other essential aspects of your beauty routine?

I love dry body brushing, scrubbing, and soaking in a good moisturiser. It’s that cell rejuvenation thing! Both are good for circulation, cellulite prevention and skin softening and my skin is something I’ve always gotten nice compliments on. I pretty much adhere to the same method with the skin on my face too – I wash and exfoliate with my Clarisonic, then use Creme de La Mer. I think a few really good products are better than lots of mediocre ones. And for me that’s Clarisonic, frank, and La Mer.

True or false: Lingerie is for the men.

False! Lingerie is whatever you want it to be. But I think you’ll find a) most women who wear beautiful lingerie wear it for themselves, and b) most men couldn’t care less about lingerie, they just like skin.

Where did your obsession with lingerie start?

When I was little I always wanted to grow up to be a glamorous woman and to me, glamorous women always wore beautiful lingerie. Also, when I was 16 I all of a sudden went from being flat-chested to a d-cup and could only find my size in more expensive brands. Once you’ve had a certain level of quality it’s hard to go back.

Do you have a go-to set that never fails to impress?

Agent Provocateur’s ‘Jet’ always blows people away. There’s also a perfect black lace bra, brief and suspender by Pleasure State and a cute white and blue floral bra and brief by Fifi Chachnil that are ‘never-fails’- They are my Bad Girl/Good Girl sets.

How can we encourage women to feel comfortable in lingerie? Or do you have a #bodylove quote?

Do whatever YOU need to in order to feel confident. This means different things for different people. Just do whatever you need to love yourself and enjoy being in your body. Whether that’s as simple as eating well or as silly as dancing around in the mirror naked, and telling yourself you’re gorgeous.

I always say don’t ever compare yourself to other people, focus on being the best version of you, because that’s unique and unique is the coolest, sexiest, best thing anyone can be.

Who should frank put on his To scrub / Dirty Talk list?

Aussie model, ballerina, activewear designer, one of my best friends, many-a-time roommate and all-round awesome chick Simone Kerr. I’d like to say I wish I could scrub her, but I probably already have at some point!

Red hair, blue eyes, and legs for days. Sexy mama, lingerie fiend, and clever frankfurt. Oh and did I mention she’s an Aussie, just like me?