Party in your birthday suit babe

Happy hour:

Know the places, know the times, know how to work your cocktail umbrella as a hair accessory.

Got a bag, pack some bread.

You’ll thank me later babe.

The night’s still young, don’t stay in one place. Be the kind of babe that leaves everyone wondering… where the hell you went to. Ghosting on a night out is an easy way to make a cheeky exit without having to spend 10 minutes saying goodbye, 10 times.

PR, every club owner:
You’re special and if the bouncer doesn’t recognise that, tell them. Skip long lines, entry fees and waiting around by being someone else. Find someone famous who is visiting your city and pretend to be their Publicist who inspecting the club for them. Trust me on this one, babe 😉

The old drink bottle trick.

Have an event but can only take water? I got you babe. Take two water bottles and a bowl of boiling water. Cut the top of one bottle and dip the top of one bottle into the water. You’ll be able to slide off the closed lid. Then, take your other bottle and fill it with an elixir of your choice, replacing the broken lid with your other closed one. Ta-daaaa, you just outsmarted security.


Like my mummas say,‘ You gotta risk it for the biscuit.’

frank  x