I always pack a change of clothes. Just in case my luggage doesn't make it to the other side...

I always pack a change of clothes. Just in case my luggage doesn't make it to the other side...

She has pink hair, and danced around in my latest campaign. Safe to say it’s love.

Anyone who matches their hair to my signature colour, automatically receives a gold star. Or a golden frank, even.

But, #letsbefrank there is a lot more than meets the eye to Shay Jellick, also known as Peyote.


Schanae Jellick, also known as Peyote.



Coffee order?

Depends on my mood – either a mocha or a cappuccino.

Favourite vegetable?

Potato – who doesn’t like potatoes.

Best item of clothing you’ve ever bought?

A tailored suit – you can’t go wrong.

What’s the first thing you think of when you wake up?

Usually I lay there and procrastinate on whether I can reset my alarm & get a bit more rest… As soon as I’m done with that, I hit social media. I’m trying to get better with updating my blog etc, so that’s becoming a bit of a ritual.

Then, what’s the first thing you do?

Post social media, feed the cat and then shower. I can’t function without a shower. (with me, babe?)

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

I really wanted to be a rockstar, or a vet.

Has that changed now?

Definitely – however I still have a deep love for animals. I would love to set up a cosmetics company that donates its profits to saving animals form cosmetic testing labs.

Do you model your own clothes, or do you have your own muse?

I do model my own clothes a bit, but I like to mix it up and bring in others as well. I think Peyote as a label is diverse and that should reflect in the look books and promotional imagery as well.

Describe your style in three words?

Sleek, fun, daring.

The label is called “Peyote”, where did this come from?

The psychoactive cactus mainly. The native word for Peyote is said to mean “glistening” and that’s how my customers should feel wearing Peyote – glistening and psychedelic. I also loved the name as it’s short and sweet, easy to remember.

Biggest thing you have learnt whilst building your own clothing brand?

I’ve learnt a lot along the way – some things exceeded my expectations and some things I became disappointed in. Basically the biggest lesson is just to stay true to what YOU like so you don’t become transparent. Be ready to work hard and just focus on the big picture. Starting any business will always have bumps along the road, but just roll with them and don’t beat yourself up about them.

Are you a bath or shower babe?

Shower – I like to wash my hair in cold water and then turn it hot and scouring for the rest.

If you were a scrub, which flavour would you be?

Coffee – something that wakes you up and gets you going.

Can you tell me a bit about the significance of your tattoos?

I’ve collected them from around the world. I never really planned them out or anything, it is a lot more simple. I got them all before I decided to re-enter the modelling world, so it was at a time I didn’t have to consider this side of things.

As far as their significance or meaning, there isn’t much to it. I found some amazing artists in some strange cities and felt I’d like to add to the collection. I used to be very into heavily shaded designs and larger work, however now I’m into more simple outlines and stamp like sizes. I think your choice in style and design at the time says a lot about your headspace and life in that moment, and that’s something I really dig about my tattoos.

They may not all go together, but I’m in a different place in the world and in my life so I feel as though they are little glimpses of chapters of my life marked on my skin.

You have travelled all over the world for modelling. Has there been a stand out?

I really found my feet in Europe / France especially as I lived there for a short time. I think Europeans push the boundaries a bit more and my look suits that better. I’m not your average girl next door and I like work that allows me to portray that. As far as a standout assignment, there’s many – I just love what I do.

What five items would I find in your carry-on bag?

My laptop, DIOR lip glow, Moroccan Oil, some healthy snacks like nuts and soya crisps and always a change of clothes just in case my bags don’t make it to the other side…

What is your #bodylove quote?

Being imperfect is the best perfection – my grandmother used to tell me that every day.

Who should frank put on his to-scrub/dirty talk list?

A newish model that goes by the name of Ophelia Creep. She’s also a mum to a gorgeous little girl and is so unique and interesting, I think you would develop a crush on her. #letsbefrank

I can’t wait to come to Europe with you babe. #letsbefrank

xx frank

I always pack a change of clothes. Just in case my luggage doesn't make it to the other side...