I would say shooting a Gucci campaign would be pretty amazing.

I would say shooting a Gucci campaign would be pretty amazing.

Getting you undressed is all part of my job description, babe. But getting you ready? That’s Rebecca, founder of the London School of Media Makeup‘s job. She taught me how to get you babes ready with a budget & when seeking a natural look.

What’s the first thing you think of when you wake up?

When I wake up in the morning I think of what I am doing that day and then how grateful I am.

Then, what’s the first thing you do?

The first thing I do is have a hot water and fresh lemon in the morning and then take my dog Betty for a walk.

I’m an all natural type of guy, however can appreciate your style of makeup. Tell me, where did this come from?

My makeup style came from influences such as my mother who has been a makeup artist her entire career, other make up artists I used to assist including Maki Ryoke and Lucia Peroni.

Who are your creative muse’s?

I would say my friends and my collegues are my creative muse’s. I am also massively excited by young up and coming talent and collaborating with designers.

You have painted a lot of faces. Favourite to date?

It’s so hard to name one person, everyone I have worked on has been a pleasure. I could say the obvious ones like Naomi Campbell, Lara Stone, etc.

LSMM: How do you find working with other creatives in the same industry?

I love working with other creatives, I find it super inspirational when I am teaching and meet so many incredibly skilled and talented emerging artists.

You work across a variety of mediums: film, still, editorial. What’s your favourite?

When I started my career I started in film then moved into television, working with musicians doing their videos and promos, then adverts, e-com and then into fashion shooting editorials and campaigns. So my career has taken a natural and organic journey. I love all areas. Right now I love working in fashion, I love the pace and the creativity, however I love other areas for other reasons.

Dream client?

I would say shooting a Gucci campaign would be pretty amazing, I have worked on huge campaigns, including Gucci when I was assisting Lucia.

Three top tips for a natural look?

  1. Try to use just concealer where you need and no foundation.
  2. Use Frank body balm on cheekbones, through eyebrows and on eyelids to give you a dewy finish.
  3. If you need a flush of colour on your cheek use a cream blush or cream bronzer and double this up for a stain on your lips

You have 5 minutes to get ready, you quickly put on…

I always tone & Moisturise, dab or pat a little concealer, brush eyebrows, curl eyelashes, if you want more definition a little mascara, brown is less dramatic, a soft bronzer in the summer and lip balm

You have a budget of $50, what product(s) do you spend it on?

The Coconut scrub

Body Balm

Lip Scrub & Lip Balm Duo

Charcoal Face Cleanser

Lastly, who should I get down and dirty with next?

I would say a friend and incredible stylist I work with called Bridie Gilbert, who is Fashion Editor of Ruush magazine.

xx frank

I would say shooting a Gucci campaign would be pretty amazing.