Go on, try me.

Dear men of the world,

(Ladies, please send this to the men of your world.)

I am sorry if I have been distant.

It’s not that I don’t care; it’s just that I’ve been busy scrubbing all the babes – being the best possible wingman you could ask for.


Firstly, have you ever tried asking a girl if she’d like to scrub? We’d make a great team, trust me.

Secondly, and it might seem weird at first, but there’s things I can do for you, too.

My simple blend of caffeine, essential oils, vitamins, salt and sugar work to exfoliate dry and tired skin, leaving you feeling pretty damn smooth (she’ll tell you that for sure).

Go on, try me.

So I’m putting it out there, show me what you’ve got. Just you, you and your girl, or you and your mates; let’s be frank, I’m not fussy.

Thats right. #realmenscrub

frank xx

Go on, try me.