Im the closest colour to coffee.

Im the closest colour to coffee.

With a smile as big as the size of my original scrub, you’re guaranteed a good time. In fact, a great time. She overcome public criticism like a boss, and continues to hang out with me. I must be doing something right #letsbefrank.


Nyadak Thot. – @duckieofficial

However people struggle to pronounce it right, so Duckie started when I was about 8.


19 – turning 20 in October.

Coffee order?

Yes, yum. Cap or FW, soy. I do drink dairy, however I try to avoid it.

Favourite vegetable?

Potatoes – roasted please.

Best item of clothing you’ve ever bought?

A massive coat that I got from ASOS. It helped me through all last winter.

What’s the first thing you think of when you wake up?

Did I wake up before my alarm. Usually, yes.

Then, what’s the first thing you do?

I grab a coffee, because I most likely woke up before my alarm. Literally, an hour before.

You’re Australian born and bred, however people often think otherwise. How does this make you feel?

Australia is my home. I am the only one in my family who was born here, everyone else is born overseas. This is the only thing I have ever known.

I brush it off, I love being in Australia and Australian.

How do you deal with racial comments or slurs?

I experienced it for the first time when I was 16 or 17 as I was on the show. I didn’t know anything about social media and there were all these people with voices and opinions. I had never found it an issue before. To be attacked on my race was on a different level. Charlote was a huge influence on me, as she reiterated to me that; ‘This is who you are. Don’t let that effect you.’

I find the comments you get on your instagram so funny. I just want to say to these people, ‘Get out of here. Calm down. Im the closest colour to coffee.’

Have you always seen yourself as a model?

Definitely not – but I’ve always loved the idea of it. My sister is a model, so I used to go to shoots with her. I’d sit there all starry eyed and look at all the clothes – I see something amazing when I’m in that environment that only exists on photoshoots.

Now that I am a model, I think of it as something really important. You are selling something to the audience, whether it’s the clothes, accessories or purely yourself in a fashionable, artistic manner.

What inspired you to audition for ANTM back in 2013?

My sister was auditioning, and so I went along. There was a runway break, and Charlotte and Alex saw me. They came over, and asked me to audition but I was too young at the time. From that moment though I wanted to be around them, and in their world.

What was the hardest aspect of the ANTM journey, and what did you enjoy the most about it?

The hardest bit was the critique, both from the judges and the public. It was difficult to come off the show, and see what people had been saying about me and my weight, race etc. I’m not going to lie, I ate a lot of food on the show, and gained a lot of weight. It took me a while to be like okay, I’m beautiful. This is how I am. This is me, no matter what.

The best bits were the photo shoots – the locations and the briefs were just beautiful. Those moments made everything worth it. You’d be totally thrown in the deep end, and you just had to be able to work with it. The vibe on set was amazing. I sometimes had a bit of a panic attack, and Bec the stylist would just bring me back down to earth.

Are you a bath or shower babe?

I wish I was a bath – but I’m shower.

If you were a scrub, which flavour would you be?

Coconut for sure. I just love everything about the smell and wouldn’t change a thing.

What beauty product do you use that no one else would think to?

Jamacan black castor oil – Put it in your hair, or on your eyebrows. Works on all hair types – you can get it online, or in a few stores. It just makes your hair grow quickly, and so healthy.

What is your #bodylove quote?

I come from a religious family and I grew up really liking this one.

We’re all made in the image of god. No matter what, you’re beautiful. You can never not be beautiful, no matter what you tell yourself. We’re all different and unique.

Who should frank put on his to-scrub/dirty talk list?

Oh my gosh – there is this boy, @broderickhunter. He is a dreamboat.

If I get you Broderick, can you get me Alex Perry? #letsbefrank

xx frank

Im the closest colour to coffee.